The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I came across this thread on the Abe forum a member called Simple Soul had some eye opening revelations for me and I felt Cocreators here would really enjoy the read.

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This was amazing! Lots of good pointers. Thank you for sharing it with us, I really got inspired and can sense a shift approaching regarding money if I get serious enough and make up my mind about what I need to do in order to change my beliefs regarding money. Like someone posted on that thread: This is Pure Gold!
kelly thankyou SO much! I love the Abe forum! the posts about money are fantastic. I love the one where you wake up every morning
and just bask in the feeling and thoughts of being rich. like playing in money, feeling joy and ease about it, thinking of your massive mortgage being paid off, the things you are going to buy today. sweet!! thanks, lovely :)
Thank you for this post. This really helped shift my perspective on money. I appreciate it :)

Kelly - Thank you so much for posting this!  This has really given me the perspective that I need.  I love how Simple Soul explains how we have to appreciate where we are.  Somehow, I was missing that.  I truly appreciate you sharing this!


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