The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi all,


I discovered these a while ago and I thought maybe the co-creators here could benefit from these.  Im not sure the rules for posting links so if its not the place to post here please feel free to delete my post.


Anyway here you are hope they bring some support:


Many Blessings and love

Kelly x

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Thanks for sharing Kelly! Great site!!

I think (& I'm sure everyone else will agree) we can all use more information about creating abundance in our life!!

Here are two other great resources I've used and still use :)

Summer Mctravick's Flowdreaming Prosperity Challenge - I have this and listen to it a lot! The CDs & Book are $20 and well worth it!!

Peggy McColl's 21 Distinctions of Wealth ...

IF YOU GOOGLE this, you can find a PDF file to download!!! for free!
She suggests you read these every day for 21 days -- its a lot but very fun to do !! I also recorded myself reading them so I can listen to these whenever I need to!

I'd love to know what other helpful tips/ideas others use!? This is the place!!

thanks again Kelly for adding to the group :)


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