The 100 Day Reality Challenge

OK, I just stumbled a great visualization technique that I think could be very powerful if followed as it is written.  By the way, thank you Kelly for sharing the webiste The Abe Forum with us, I found this on that same website and I cannot stop reading the posts.  So much valuable information!!

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Your welcome Nadjah, I was surprised to hear you had not heard of the Abe forum, it has an amazing wealth of information and wisdom shared. I am so glad you are enjoying it.

Much love
Kelly xxx
yes, nadjah and I are in Abraham heaven right now!!
LOL! : )
Thank-you I enjoyed reading this very much!
Me too I never heard of the Abe Forum so thanks to the both of you!
I did the meditation/visualization early this morning. I forgot about it and went about my day. At around 2:30 pm I was folding clothes out of the dryer and was thinking that nothing had happened yet and that it was probably because I had not left the house all day and THEN I hear a noise and I look inside the dryer and found $0.38 cents!! I mean, I know is only $0.38 cents but I cannot explain how good those $0.38 made me feel, lol! Especiallly because I was folding my husband's clothes and he NEVER leaves coins in his pant's pockets. My first manifestation of money using this technique. I am going to document it and see how it goes. I am taking it as a stepping stone to greater and greater money manifestations. : ) This is fun!
Well, on Sunday I manifested a total of $45.38, I blogged it. I just manifested $100.00 cash from my husband for Mother's Day (so I can buy whatever I want) AND he also gave me $160.00 Gift Certificate for the mall to buy a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses that I had in my VE for the longest time! Plus he gave me a $20.00 discount card that he got in the mail for the same store in the Mall so I can actually get $180.00 worth of sunglasses!!
LOL Abraham is heaven! indeed! well done Nadjah!


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