The 100 Day Reality Challenge

  • Give the things we're throwing away to poor people (clothes...)
  • Sell them or swap them for other things
  • Give them as a gift (books...)
  • Just recycle them in the recycle bins!
If you have any other suggestion feel free to say it!

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Hey Dancer, this is an awsome idea, love it.

Here in Australia we have a group site by the name of Freecycle and its where people can go to get rid of stuff thats still usable. Its just a matter of posting your item and where you are situated and wait to see if anyone replys.

Its also a good way to pick up some really good stuff that you may need, I have managed to get bikes for the kids, a couple of computer monitors and keyboards etc and all it cost me was the petrol to drive from home to their place.

Ive given away many clothes, especialy kids school uniforms. Im about to pass on my sons old pram and walker as well as boxes of dvds and cds that we no longer need.

Im at the end of my season now, and will start up again on the 1st of August and this is def going to be part of my challenge for season 5.

Thanks for sharing, your vid post was detailed and I really enjoyed watching it



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