The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I feel tofu and the equivalents are not for me. 


I know this time I need to get my nutritional balance right as before when I was vegetarian I had a few health things mainly lacking in B12 and I dont think I got enough protein.  Sooo... please do share.


Thanks everyone!

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Patricia excellent that is exactly what I have organised a lot of this week! thanks hun xx and to be honest the effect cannot be as much as the effect meat and wheat had on my digestion "ahem!"
I haven't been on this much so this is a little late.
Greens! Greens! Greens! Green vegetables are loaded with protein. Kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, romaine lettuce, etc
Also - Broccoli per 100 g has more protein than steak (per 100 g) or per 100 calories - either way!

Greens are mostly protein. They have no fat.

Check out the book "Eat to Live" (Dr Joel Fuhrman) or "Greens for Life" (Victoria Boutenko)

Also - Hemp, chia seeds, nutritional yeast (Red Star is best)

These are plant based proteins which are very easy to digest, the body can assimilate and use plant proteins FAR better than animal proteins.

Also - for Calcium - sesame seeds, greens, sea weed - more than meat and far better for you.

The book "Eat to Live" has studies and charts that give great information and numbers on this.

Green smoothies, green drinks, seaweeds, salads loaded with veggies/greens/hemp seeds/sesame seeds
Add Chia to your green smoothie, etc.

Also, i have to take b12 supplement (I eat very high raw).

Hope that helps and more greens are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, phytochemicals and so many healthy nutrients - they far surpass meat or dairy.



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