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Hi again, lots of questions lol!!


I was wondering if you guys could share some of your dressing recipes with me for salads? I am not using vinegar in my eating habits now as it effects my digestion and tomato, orange, peppers, and aubergines are a no no too.  So im just wanting to bring a little zing to my salads, maybe lime or lemon based, olive oil based whatever comes to mind.


Thanks again,



Kelly xxx

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OH! Sherri that sounds bloomin divine!! thanks a heaps!!!!
Patricia, thanks, I lurrrve garlic, not sure if everyone will love me after lunch at work though lol!!
LOL Patricia my work colleagues are 'ahem!' sausage roll, donut, crisps and chocolate eaters for lunch they generally look at my lunches and laugh lol!! but thanks for the idea :-))
I love the sound of all of those! What can be nicer than lemon, olive oil and garlic?

But the dressing I use most at the moment is olive oil, (sometimes with a little chilli pepper flakes) and some 'Clearspring' Ume plum seasoning (it's a pretty pink colour, salty tasting and kind of zesty).
Well since I'm allergic to vinegar and lemon/lime, I've made my own salad dressing. Mine is similar to Focused above in that I add honey, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, but I add orange to it. Sometimes though I'll puree some raspberries or strawberries and mix that in with the olive oil, salt, pepper and it's quite good.
Wow! I love all these ideas. I sometimes add a teaspoon of pesto sauce to my olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt & pepper dressing, to my daily lunch of salad.
Thanks for all these great dressing ideas xxx


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