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HI everybody.. i have been eating raw food almost every day now and for almost every meal. I like to eat raw food in the form of vegetables. Please share your recipes here...I would love to know.

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Sounds yum - I love avocado! I think a tasty dressing is vital when you're first getting into raw salad and veg you'd usually have eaten cooked.

I tend to have lots of stuff just all thrown in together to make a RAINBOW coloured salad.
Also when I was first starting, I thought some raw veg was nicer to eat very finely chopped or sliced rather than in big chunks (eg brocolli, cabbage, celeriac).

Apparently they're not strictly raw but I also like adding sliced olives for taste. Raisens go surprisingly well too.

I usually dress my salad with virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of Clearspring Ume Plum Seasoning (zesty and salty).

I shall let you know when I eat that first winter salad!!


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