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'Ammended original discussion to included tempeh'


Hi All ,


I'm totally new to tofu/tempeh but know its good for my change in eating habits.  So I thought I would start a discussion. Anyone that knows of any or who has tried some great tofu or tempeh recipes please add here.  Anything that makes it taste less bland and methods of cooking would be really helpful.


I look forward to hearing them.


Many thanks, with love

Kelly xxx


P.S: Since writing I since discovered tofu is not that great to eat and tempeh has more health benefits, soooo..... any tempeh ideas? Im trying tempeh for the first time tonight will let you know how it goes lol!!

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Thanks Patricia, since my visit to the health food store today I realised in the UK we only have non-fermented tofu which apparently isnt that healthy so im opting to try tempeh tonight. It smells a bit funny! LOL!
Okay..... urgh! yuck! yack!

Patricia I think tofu and tempeh is out for me. I just found the flavour and texture made me feel sick. However, I imagine if you like tofu you probably will like tempeh.

LOL no worries Patricia thats exactly how it tasted as I ate it I was saying "its nice its nice" then "NO ITS NOT!" lol!! well its all a learning curve with food :-)


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