The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I confess that I've become really bored of cooking and find myself constantly making the same dishes over and over again. I'd love some new ideas of what you all tend to eat in a given day? Whether you're a gourmand or a newbie, share your secrets? BTW I'm allergic to wheat so I eat gluten free.

My breakfast was:
cup of buckwheat cereal with cinammon, raisins and agave syrup. Some days I'll have a protein shake with vanilla protein powder, 1 cup rice or hemp milk, cup of raspberries, 2 Tbsp flax seeds.

Lunch is usually spinach salad with my dressing (orange juice, olive oil, salt, pepper), with a can of tuna

Snack- 2 oranges

Dinner- 1 grilled artichoke, 1 cup of steamed green beans, roasted chicken. I always have a protein like chicken or fish, some kind of vegetable, and sometimes a carb. Today I didn't since I ate 3 cookies that I had baked. :)

Snack- 2 cups cherries, 10 almonds

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Kate, isn't it amazing how well you feel on gluten free? Your salad sounds really good too, and definitely more "inspiring" to eat. ha ha Have you tried using almond flour in anything yourself? Or is it one of those flours that you have to add something to it to get the baked food to rise? I'd really like to bake some "naughty treats" and would like to find something that actually tastes good. So, thank you, now you've just reminded me to go out and buy sunflower seeds and cabbage. :)
So far today (it's around 1pm) I've had a mix of the healthy and the not so healthy. 2 redbush teas with organic whole milk and 2 coffees with milk and a little sugar.
For breakfast, fruit (all organic): a handful of cherries, one banana, one small apple, a smattering of (very sour) blackcurrants, a couple of pineapple rings.

I don't usually get hungry again until around 4pm when I usually have a raw salad with a little (not raw!)goats cheese. Typically my salad is a mix of lettuce, spinach, sweet potato or carrot, cucumber or courgette, tomatoes, and a few olives and dried tomatoes. Sometimes mung bean or lentil sprouts go in too, if I've sprouted them.

Sometimes my salad may be simpler, like avocado and tomato but generally at the moment I have lots of things in it.

Evening meal is either another similar salad. Or about 50% salad and 50% of something cooked like new potatoes or rice, and perhaps some grilled red pepper and halloumi. Depends how I feel! Occasionally I won't be hungry until about 10pm and then I end up just having a snack like rice-cakes and almond butter - or chocolate!

I have never had an obvious problem with wheat but I too am trying to stay off the stuff. I think for me, wheat puts on weight!

My plan is to eat 'more raw', but not to let it become an 'issue' for me - or a pain for anyone feeding me!
Claire, Wow how you can last that long until 4:00!? I'd be passed over for sure! I haven't tried halloumi yet but I've been wanting to. I also like the variety that you have in your salads. I guess that's the key really, variety to prevent boredom so that you eat sensibly, and are less apt to eat forbidden food. ;) Ah I wish I could eat chocolate but I'm allergic to it, in the raw state, if it hasn't been melted that is. :( Ok, now I'm going to try to be a bit more adventurous in my salad.
Well I just started my new eating right for my blood type last Friday so im fairly new and learning by trial and error what I like. Today I had a glass of apple juice, followed by muesli with rice milk for breakfast, I had a snack of grapes mid-morning and for lunch 2 rice cakes with honey and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top of them.

I had an americano coffee in town with rice milk and a little sugar, I havent been able to wean myself totally off sugar, yet!

I just ate a whole bag of rice crackers with sweet chilli flavouring those things are evil lol! they call you too eat the whole bag. I wont be doing that anytime soon again lol!

Tonight im having corn on the cob, smothered in soya butter, with broccoli, asparagus, radish and whats left of last nights lemon and coriander cous cous.

I may later on have a small portion of natural yoghurt with a little honey mixed in.

Im not sure about the rest of the week as we are going to the cinema tommorrow so im taking some dairy free snacks for in the cinema and I think im having grilled vegetables with pasta and a simply olive oil dressing for dinner on Friday night.

Of to search for more eating ideas. Hugs to all xx
Oh forgot to say I drink a lot of chamomile tea :-))
I meant to ask do you gals have something called Essene bread where you live? Mike who I live with is a blood type O and has also never been good with wheat but apparent Essene bread is supposed to be beneficial for him.

We bought some spelt grains yesterday and hes going to sprout them to see if he can make an easier bread. Sprouted wheat bread is supposed to be less of a problem on people with wheat intolerances apparently will let you know how it goes.
Hi Kelly,

I don't think I've heard of Essene brand here in Canada. But then again I don't really eat much bread because of the gluten problem. I have bought gluten free bread but quite frankly, that's just NASTY!! :(:(:( Tastes like wallpaper paint. I have had sprouted wheat but even that bothers me so I rarely eat wheat, and if I do I take some gluten pills which help me.
Your salad sounds really good. What kind of dressing do you use on it or do you make your own? Exactly! Just because you have to eat "gluten free" doesn't mean your food has to taste like crap! Do you buy those packaged egg whites, or just use the egg white from the egg? If so, what do you do with your yokes? Well, I have to ask. Anyway I like the way you eat because it definitely doesn't sound boring. Yeah my dinners are about like yours too because I always have some protein with veggies. Today I'll be making grilled artichokes which I absolutely love! Also I notice in the produce stores that hardly anyone seems to buy them, plus they're sooo good for you. They have about 10 gr fibre per artichoke too.

Kimberly, I hear you I 'm feeling lazy myself trying to make new dishes.
HI Kimberly,
Well first you have to chop the tips of every leaf for the artichoke, so each leaf should be flat across. I then boil them for 45 min, let cool for 5 min. Then I prepare my marinade: 2 Tbsp olive oil, 4 Tsp soy sauce, 2 crushed garlic, hot chill flakes, pepper, lemon (well I don't use lemon but you could). Of course just play around with the amount of set number really. Then I marinate my artichoke with that being careful to saturate the entire thing esp under the petals. Add more pepper in the end. Then I put it on a cookie sheet and broil in the oven for 5 min until crisp. BTW with that leftover mixture I make a type of aoli sauce for the artichoke. Just add mayo to it and mix up and it's a great dip for the artichokes. I've made this for lots of people and everyone loves it. You should try this recipe, it's awesome!!!

Oh ok I was wondering how much egg whites you used. Oh yeah, I can't use lemon for myself as I'm allergic to it. I can't say I ever use my flax oil in salad, I just eat it like that. ha ha
Hi Tat and Kimberley,

Essene bread I am still looking out for may have to make it ourselves. Apparently its actually on the beneficial list for type O's so we shall see.

Kimberley, you have inspired me for lunch ideas. At the moment with being new to being vegetarian/practically vegan I am a bit lazy with my lunches but you have inspired me. I was having mainly rice cakes with honey and pumpkin seeds but I think I will put together some salads I can have too. Still gotta really look for what to eat at moment, I am still having fish but not a lot I mainly have cod once a week and salmon once a week. xxx
Kelly, I hear you about the lazy part. ;)
Kimberly, I've never tried Tosca's book so I'll look that up.
Hey do any of you here make yam fries? You know the baked kind. If so, what do you do to make them crunchy? Every time I make them, they turn out mushy with no crunch, but there are some people that swear you can make crunchy ones.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because I do the same thing and they still turn out soft? (well inside that is).


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