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Hi all,


I bought a bag of quinoa and I am keen to try it out.  I want to have it for lunch or as a side with my dinner in the evening.  I don't have tomatoes or mushrooms in my diet (or oranges, potatoes or vinegar, wheat, milk) so any recipes without these would be great (also dont eat meat but can eat fish).  I can have feta and goats cheese.


Thanks everybody,



Kelly x

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Patricia your recipe sounds really yummy!

Hi Kelly, you could make it like tabbouleh if you've ever tried that. You just add in squeezed lemon, tons of parsley, mint, chopped tomatoes, cucumber and a ton of garlic. I've often served it with kebabs and it's yummy. I never measure the exact proportions either. I mean yes, typically tabbouleh is made with couscous but this tastes similar.

Or you could make a quinoa Greek salad which I do. Toss it with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, olive oil. Could even add lettuce to it also. But yeah, quinoa is a fab source of protein which I'm sure you know.
I love quinoa! I make a great salad. I soak quinoa over night, then cook it the next morning (only takes a couple minutes when it is soaked). I then make a salad with quinoa, cucumber, green onions, fresh parsley, cut grape tomatoes and then the dressing is fresh lemon juice, olive oil, touch of salt and a bit of apple cider vinegar (which is optional).
I love this salad - so fresh!
Oh wow Patricia that recipe is brilliant and I have all of those ingrediants at home ,thanks a bunch!

Tat, I havent tried tabbouleh will give that a go too, thanks x

Diana, thanks lots of ideas, you making me drool! lol
I love quinoa! I had it last night and had more left over so had the rest with raw vegetables for lunch soooooooo satisfying! thanks for all of your ideas gals!
You know when I was growing up, we used to eat something called Polenta for breakfast. It's basically cornmeal that's cooked with milk and sugar. Anyway, it was quite yummy and we would even add chocolate chips to the mix. I wonder if that would work with quinoa as a breakfast food?
Tat that sounds interesting, will have to look into that, we have polenta in our local supermarket and health food shops.

Kelly xx
Hi Kelly,

I just found a great quinoa salad at Whole Foods deli!

California Quinoa.
Made with: red quinoa, edamame, red pepper, red onion, mango, coconut, cilantro, lime juice, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinegar.


This is just the list of ingredients, obviously - the proportions and amounts of each are up to us to figure out. :- )

Or, the recipe prep directions might be on the Whole Foods recipe site.


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