The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I just thought that I would share these with you all- especially all the people who are new to reiki.

There are many versions of the five precepts taught by reiki master/teachers.  They are not rules or laws that you must follow to learn reiki but they help you to live it everyday.

I have a banner in a room in my house that lists the precepts in the following way:

1) Just for today do not anger.
2) Just for today do not worry.
3) Be humble. (Some other teachers substitute this with "be thankful" which ties in with manifestation principles anyway).
4) Be honest in your work. (This mainly refers to work on yourself but also could be about your career).
5) Be compassionate to yourself and others.

According to some sources, Mikao Usui taught these ideas to his students and asked them to join their hands together like some people usually do when they pray.  He then asked them to chant the precepts and pray to their hearts.

Some say that it is important to use these during reiki sessions, but I have found it to be really helpful in my life to say these principles in the morning and at night. 

What are your thoughts of the five precepts?

I may try to make a discussion on each one in the future.

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Wonderful percepts to live by.


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