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One of my personal struggles most of my life has been allowing the negativity of others towards me throw me into a downward spiral. I'm having major breakthroughs with handling negativity differently and would love some ideas and feedback from others

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I have always struggled with the negativity of others getting me down and breaking my confidence. Since I began taking part in the 100 Day Reality Challenge, I have REALLY worked on this issue. Today, I had a major breakthrough. I had a voice message from an aquaintence that was very rude, to say the least. I told my husband what she said and I started laughing about it!! You would just have to know me to realize what a wonderful transformation I'm going through.

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Comment by RHONDA WELLS HOWARD on November 29, 2010 at 12:24pm
I release all my past failures and idiosyncrasies. I set forth with new zest and enthusiasm with joy and happiness.
Comment by RHONDA WELLS HOWARD on November 27, 2010 at 3:15pm
I forgive you Willie Sr. , Gregory ,Tyrone JJones for the way you treated us. You lied on us and verbal ,physically and psychologically abused us. You had no right to violate us because we were children and had feelings too. It was bad enough having to deal with the outside world's prejudices toward us because our mother's schizophrenia and our father's abandonment but you people made the situation worse. If you can't go to family where can you go. I was one of the lucky one's I had some good teacher's and they were very supportive and that helped me a lot. I grew-up feeling inferior because this is the way you wanted me to feel. I was intelligent and not bad looking but ; by using these negative tactics you made me feel very insecure and worthless and this hindered me.But who was really the fool you or I . I no longer consider you to be a part of me although i hold no malice toward you and would rather not ever be bothered with you at all for i would only be reminded of a painful past.
Comment by Victor Torres on November 22, 2010 at 12:51am
Hello all and peace to you!!

After reading many posts here about dealing with negativity i took a look back on my own life and found a few interesting coralations. Hindsight being 20/20 it was'nt too hard for me. We all are born with certain talents for the sake of this group I will stick with reflection and analysis.

If anyone watched the "celestine prophecy" It illistrates the types of interactions people have regardless of the people invovled or the situation.

When two or more people are interacting there is a flow of energy. when folks are "on the same page" it flows smoothly and productively. Then we have what i call the "power struggle" when one person tries to dominate or inluence the other person for self-fish reasons or even try to make that person as miserable as there are in the moment. It reminds me of the people who feel so sorry for themselves we feel it!!

So, the question becomes, "what do we do in cases where we know it is negative?". I believe that first I must listen for "feel" in my energy. It maybe only the slightest, most subtle of cues given, but boy are'nt they important.

I havde discovered that, in my case, I feel a twinge or a needling or it is very clear that the situation has a negative tone. My tactic will be to excuse myself politely and remove my body from the area, whenever possible. The thing is, if i continue to stay i volunteer to be victimized and then I walk around with the residue for days or weeks. I think it is the best for all concerned. The negative person does not have a target or audience which is good for them, because they no longer have an outlet to spread the "mess". It helps me because I recoil from the negative and spare myself and others that "residue". The art of all this is staying in tune with yourself. And practice and more practice. At those moments when I must interact with that person I need to be more aware of whats going on. And mostly have sympathy for that person. They are, in that moment, emotional vampires, insecure, aggressive, intimadating, controlling and overbearing. Realizing this, as it is happening, is also an art needing practice. One could say "oh my!! you poor dear, your so hurt or empty you need to feed off my energy". And sending that empathy across the room will do wonders. Don Miguel Ruiz said it best when he spoke of "Not to take things personaly" In his book "The four agreements". LIke that, one can almost be a third observer and coach the interaction along.

The thing is to protect your serenity as much as possible. It is precious and wonderful. and you help the planet by not being a link in the collective negativity. I look forward to all of your observations an ideas in this group!!! God bless. MY quote for me is>>>"Their are no victims just volunteers".
Comment by Devilwoman on September 26, 2010 at 12:24pm
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Comment by Sedna on April 15, 2009 at 9:49pm
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Comment by Jennifer on April 2, 2009 at 3:49pm

If it helps, take a moment to yourself. Just breathe deep, meditate, do whatever you need to center yourself. To ground yourself....Once grounded, you will see things in a better perspective. When we feel chaotic or just stressed in general, our emotions, not to mention our power is flying all over the place.

I think you're on the right path, just keep up the good work!!
Comment by Yvonne on April 2, 2009 at 10:48am
Thank you so much Jennifer.
I noticed in the last two days that not only did I give that 'bad person' more power (Like you said) I also focused on it so much I now have trouble in my own relationship with my partner and not just a little....I want to fight so much to get my 'will' across I don't do myself any good. I will take this weekend off to nurture the happy giving side in me bevor bevor I get lost in this emotional chaos. Thank you again.
Comment by Jennifer on March 31, 2009 at 12:56pm

Like the situation that I was just in, I feel what you're going through. I had to personally address the issue otherwise it would not get resolved. In your situation, I think of it like this...

If you are able to stay positive around the 'bad person', then try to continue after you leave. I know it's easy to be calm around someone, but when they aren't around, you fume and wonder "Why didn't I say or do this?" The more I fume, the madder I get. Then I stop. I know that by continuing to be upset by that person, I am just giving them power. They may not know I'm upset, but it's still negative energy that I am putting out there. If the person is negative (obviously) then by sending the negative energy out there, I'm just fueling their own negativity.

Good grief, I hope that made sense, lol....

Have a fantastic day!
Comment by Yvonne on March 30, 2009 at 4:52pm
Is there a 'method' you can apply to help loved ones when you notice they are being treated badly or in an unfair way yet you cannot address the cause (meaning the person who is treating them badly) directly? I stay positive around them (also when the 'bad person' is around and that seems to have a calming effect on the situation) but whenever I leave I still feel frustration trying to surface because the situation remains unchanged.
Comment by Jennifer on March 13, 2009 at 9:15pm
Hi All:

Update on the situation where I was tested on. It all worked out in my favor. Just like I knew it would. Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts!

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