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School Success Group

I've started a Support Group and will share Time Management Techniques,Stress Management,Healthier-Diet/exercise Discipline Focus & share your Struggles & Successes

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I'm new to college after 18 years and it can be stressful So if you want to share you success, your Fears, anxiety.. and Study Tips, Time management, and Organizational Skills Careers Ideas/Placements.. And How to Take Care of ourselves So We Can obtain Excellenet Grades and Enjoy our School Experience Welcome to You ALL
Love Kell:)-

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Comment by kelly on September 19, 2010 at 3:37am
hi members thanks for Joining if you want to share ideas- Videos Discussions your feelings about you school life organizing your day,prioritaing, making healthy choices.. and how to Imporve and be Successful You can SHARE all of that here..11 this is a Healthy Fun Positive Inspiring Support Group..
Keep in Touch; Love Kell
Comment by kelly on September 19, 2010 at 3:07pm
Hi Edith.. Welcome the more the Merrier!!!
Going to study later need to bring a printer back & Set one up here @ Home!!! I also have a Fabulous planner I just got from the college.
Keep us informed;
Comment by kelly on September 20, 2010 at 6:04pm
I feel kinda scared about my program as a Social Service Worker (NAT SPEC) I wish it was fun and enlightening I feel kinda blah I don;t Want to lose sight of my true Self.. as a Holistic Life Career & Beauty Coach. So I may need to take a Holistic- Beauty Spa Nutrition & Career Couse- Personality afterwards to achieve my goals
I wish I could have found the perfect program for me
Now, I have tests, assignments and bookreports Etc.., that are going due be do Also I need to learn native language and culture So NEW I Pray for Complete positive Success Where I can be Unique and have clients that pay for my services and most importantly Really Enjoy & Love !! What I do
Any ideas?? Or advice.?? .
Thnx Kell
Comment by kelly on September 21, 2010 at 8:13am
Time management focus is so imortant it seems like the assignments and book reports/ essays trheresdings are becoming due soon I also need to do this and keep seeing myself Finishing and graduating from college with awsome grades and getting a Great Career doing what I Truly Love..
So Hang in there I have a School Schedule may need a Huge one on my wall.. and I maty need more support in student services!!
Have a Super Healthy Fun Learning Day!!!
Comment by kelly on September 22, 2010 at 12:20pm
.I started going back to college about 3 weeks ago.. and all I feeel is pressure,sadness,anxiety.. I feel like I'm not mentally or physically in shape to go to school .. My Expectations are let down.. I finally manifested some $$ to go back and finish my college education.. and i was happy about it.

Then I guess I forgot to confirm .. and I was put ona waiting list .. So a week afterwards they offered me a similar type program. but more ((Native Spealiazation in Social Services.). My classes this semester consists of English..which is highly stressful this year lots on Computer :Typing Essays and Emailing it in Using LMS- / Reading Books- Doing Book Reports/ .. Also taking Native Language ( totally foreign Highly- stressed)/ not in alignment with my image. and Addictions.. feel like it's just so DRY! and Mental Health & Social Foundations which is Not Bad You need to read a Lot of Stories and personal experiences.. I'm used to a Basic Text on Mental Health Etc.., with the odd story.. I know I should be more positive and grateful.. I feel like I'm being punished .

So, I'm afraid I'll fail.. I feel overwelmed.. I feel angry- gipped out of the program I wanted, I can't sleep, I overeat, cry more.. I feel numb and hopeless.!!!. I went to see the guidance counsellor and she couldn't help me...If I drop out now they'll not reimburse me..Also I need to change so many areas of my life aswell.

Also I wanted the Courses to be more in alignment with my self Image and Beliefs- Values, and my Personality.

I want to work as a Holistic Life-Career Beauty Coach..

Meaning Looking at the Person as a Whole.- Mind-Body and Spirit.. So being here (CCOR) does go along with my values and beliefs.. I also know it can be fun and inspiring here andeducational.. Yet. you need to keep an open mind/stretch and put in the Effort to Grow and make Positive changes.. I also can sagotage my success here.aswell But I know this is a God Send .

I was Hoping School wouldn't feel so Dry-sad- Blah.. That I can see and feel myself . having faith and willing to apply myself and learn.. I was successful in College before in Liberal Arts.. 18 yrs later I feel so unhappy and depressed..

I wish they had a School Here. Like the Transformational Arts Program in Toronto!! . that would teach Holistic Health,Posiive Enlightement Metaphysics Etc.,

I Feel like if I can learn and make Posiive Changes it would hwlp motivate andinspire people to be the Best they can BE!!

I like to Learning and I am self Taught. as well. . I Wish there was a Science of Mind Church here or a Unity Church it would be awsome for my beleifs & Support

I feel like a Square peg in a round hole. My Spirit feels so SAD!.

I know I need Discipline ,Focus. and change my attiude. as my Life changed so much I feel Trapped...

Any ideas?? Or Suggerstions..

Thanks Kelly :)_
Comment by David on September 22, 2010 at 4:30pm
I KNOW you know this Kelly. I think you just need to be reminded. We HAVE TO focus on what we desire and not what things APPEAR to be to us. We are GIVEN by God/The Universe/Our Subconscious mind what we think about MOST not just what we want. So if we are talking about being nervous, anxious, sad….. the universe will give us more of THOSE THINGS. We can’t wish for one thing and then spend all our time thinking the opposite. You need to get past some of your feelings right now. Your feelings are real but your feelings are alos creating your future. Change your feelings to I FEEL GREAT, I FEEL IN CONTROL, I FEEL IN POWER, I FEEL HAPPY….. THEN….. allow the universe/God/subconscious give you more of THOSE FEELINGS. It’s OK to be nervous, it’s OK to be sad, it’s OK to question yourself…. BUT…. It is also IMPORTANT TO KNOW that what you spend your time thinking and speaking is creating more of the same. So BELIEVE in the POWER of your OWN WORDS to do for you what you want done. Speak happiness, assurance, confidence and allow it to take shape. The more you talk about your negative feelings the more you are working against YOURSELF. I LOVE what Edith said….. Go back and change your story and make it positive and then see how you FEEL. We have to have in our consciousness what we desire BEFORE we have it in our three dimensional world. THAT is how our minds work. TRUST that when you CLAIM ANYTHING that it is true and you just have to wait a short while for it to manifest.

I hope that helps.
Comment by David on September 22, 2010 at 4:45pm
Abraham Hicks - Feel Good Now, It's Important!!
Comment by kelly on September 22, 2010 at 7:12pm
Gotcha.. @ Edith @ David Thank You!!. I just did a video today and I'm accepting it, allowing it and trusting the process yes it is new scary.. etc.., but I have the power to work thru it.. I read/ study learn have a positive attiude.. and adjust my time and lifestyle to going after my dreams To do what is Right/ and enjoy it .. To gather the inner Stength.. and Blance my life out with studying/ sleep-fun-reading friends health etc..,
I see muyself being a Excelent positive healthy student I have the power and willingenss to Succeed to Follow and go after my dreams
Glad for all your positive and |Ideas and Support--
Luv Kell
Comment by kelly on September 22, 2010 at 11:17pm
Hi Heather Glad you're here... Hope all is well This can also be studying, meeting new pwople, raking risks going after our Drerams even when we have resistence and structuring out time etc.., and getting to work.. and still being Happy in the process..
I Love and Respect the Support Here
Comment by kelly on September 23, 2010 at 6:33pm
spoke to a Counsellor I felt better We aretaking such very hard topics so I need to do alot of self CARE!!!
Such as Rest, Eating Heahty,having Supports, Playing, Resting, Looking Good, Feeling good.. Time management and having a Healthy Positive Attitude and Keep my Eyes on the PrizE!!!!


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