The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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The Universe fills me with unlimited love, money, prosperity that I can then share with others, always knowing that it will be replenished.

Spirit is continually working in me and through me.

My clientele is continually increasing.

My calendar is scheduled out over 6 months.

I am able to go to concerts and events and enjoy myself.

My Christmas gifts are purchased, wrapped and I can just enjoy the season.

My Santa Letter business is booming and I have received over 1000 orders.
I am joyous and happy

I am free

I work with and for people who inspire my best work

I earn good money doing work that I love

I have more than enough...and I happily share

My income is constantly increasing

I attract loving people into my life

I am full of enthusiasm for life

I love and approve of myself

I am surrounded by people I love who bring out the best in me
I am love.

Money comes to me daily.
1. I travel around the United States and get paid to do lectures, workshops and readings.

2. I can be heard every other week on major radio networks doing readings and chatting with listeners.

3. I have a continious flow of money coming into my bank account.

4. I am able to help others during this holiday season.

5. I take several vacations a year where I can recharge my batteries and show my family a good time.
I just started my 100 day challenge and I amoffand running--I can feel all the abundance that the universe has to offer coming to me now,
Start writing your script and write out your affirmations like you are living the life you want to live. i.e. - I live in ____ . My home looks like ______. I earn a living as an award winning journalist where my writing is in demand. I get to vacation __________ I am love my life and share it with _______.
Hi Resham - if you're on Twitter, check out - they have TONS of affirmations for all sorts of areas, and that might inspire you.

How about "I'm in a job I love in a country I love and I am very well paid to do what I love"



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To get started, best is to download this mp3 of CCOR co-founders Sandy, Laura and Lilou

Get the 100 day reality challenge daily workbook, journal here


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