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Speakers/motivators that inspires me to follow my heart and go for my dreams!


Speakers/motivators that inspires me to follow my heart and go for my dreams!

-This is a group where you can let people know who inspires you - you can post pictures of them, quotes, and let people know in what way they are inspiring you. If they for an example have written books, you can share your enthusiasm for their books.

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Comment by Nina Klokset on October 10, 2009 at 7:14am
Hi and welcome to this group! :)

Here are some of the speakers, motivators that I am inspired by! :

: Dr. John DeMartini
: Joel Osteen
:Lilou Mace
:Deepak Chopra

:) Have a great and inspired day!
Comment by Nina Klokset on October 14, 2009 at 2:07pm
I saw the DeMartini interview as well, and It really inspired me. I think he is a great motivator, and he has some life experience as well, and the fact that he is sharing that with the world, is something I admire and respect. I think he has a lot of good thoughts, and I am glad to have the opportunity to see him on channels such as You Tube.

Kem kem ; The Abraham and Hicks books is also very interesting. I have red one of them, and I enjoyed reading it, it was a bit different from the books that I have red before, and that was one of the things that made it interesting. I have also seen a couple of videos on you tube with them, and I must say that they are quite some fascinating people!

I am now reading Eckhart Tolles book; A new world, after I discovered that it was one of very few books in my bookshelf that I had`n t even opened. I do believe that the time is right for me to read it now though, I was also recommended to read it by someone here in the CCOR (sorry that I don`t remember the name of that person, it`s just that right now my head is full of thoughts, things are a bit turbulent here at the moment....) and two days later, I found it by an `incident` in my bookshelf....

As a matter of fact, I`m gonna read a chapter or two, right now! :)

Get some inspiration and motivation - that can come in hand right now... :-/ :-)

Have a great night and take good care of yourself!!!! ;) :) :D
Comment by Wali Collins on August 7, 2010 at 1:02pm
Go to:
It will explain everything.
Comment by David on August 16, 2010 at 5:37pm
Here are the authors that have inspired me. I won't list them all because I could put 100 on this list and it would lose its ...... well it would lose something. So here are my top favorites

Ernest Holmes
Neville Goddard
Rhonda Byrne
Walter C. Lanyon
Joseph Murphy
James Allen
Christian D. Larson
Catherine Ponder

These are the authors I read and re-read until I fully understand exactly what they are saying and make it a part of my life by practicing it myself.
Comment by Nina Klokset on September 12, 2010 at 7:12pm
Hey guys! :) Great to see you here in this group! Lately I have been very inspired by different people - not world famous people, but people who have been in my life, for a short time, - in my beliefs they were "sent" to teach me something, or to remind me of something. I have also had some experiences during this summer that has made me see things from a different perspective.... such as almost being hit by a lighting... that incident made me realize that - being so freakin scared, shit scared, - made me feel SO alive..!!! I did not realize that before the day after it had happened, but then I started thinking...about the things I wanna do,,,,and I feel like that lightning gave me a kick in the put it that way. I also met a person who is into skydiving...and well, having had a skydiving dream since I was a kid, well, I have now decided to follow that dream, and enter a course next summer....! :) I also have plans on going on some greater adventures....sailing, hiking, go in the mountains..... I have started to myself...I have always been myself, but then for the past well...past five years or so, I have more or less held back on hiding from the world....letting my fears take control over me... I have done some of the things I wanted, but not even half of well, now I am throwing myself into it, - and it`s not about - not - being afraid - it is about not letting the fright taking control over you
- just go with the flow and live your life!

:) Have a great night fellow cocreators! :)


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