The 100 Day Reality Challenge


In this unprecedented disaster, everyone's ideas count!  

Share your ideas HERE  for imaging, prayers, affirmations, using the Law of Manifestation, anything at all relevant to bringing about a solution:

We are Visioning a CLEAN GULF and SAFE, PROTECTED OCEAN WATERS AND CURRENTS -- a SOLUTION at the SOURCE of the spill - using image boards, focusing on a positive outcome, with blogs, meditation, asking for higher guidance, and giving thanks in advance for solutions that 1. Cap the leak, and 2. Continually work to clean up and improve every level of the situation, wherever abd whenever needed!.

We are sending positive energy to all who are working to solve this at the site and around the world
Sending love and prayers and protection to every form of life and livelihood in the affected areas  -

Such as:.  "The Light of God surrounds, leads, guides, directs, re-directs, and empowers! all people and creatures.  The Love of God enfolds you.  The power of God protects all people and creatures.  The presence of God watches over you (redirecting birds and other creatures safely). Wherever you are, God is, and all is well, and you are richly BLESSED."
The prayer is originally from Unity.  I added a few words.
EVERYONE has something to offer in the combined effort to STOP THE LEAK:  a thought, an idea, a blessing, a strategy, a technique we as Co-Creators can use: a prayer or an affirmation!

DO NOT HESITATE to share your ideas with us or others - post them here,  put them out there on forums, get them to the news outlets.  There are many ideas out there that, for one reason or another, have NOT YET BEEN TRIED in the Gulf.  One or more of these ideas may hold the perfect solution, or lead to other solutions!

We WELCOME your posts!

THANK YOU, awesome Co-Creators!   . 

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I see an IMMEDIATE and permanent solution being found that stops not only this spill, but is also effective in clearing up ALL future oil spills. I see all of the animals in the areas of the spill moving on to other areas where they will be safe. I see miraculous serendipidies coming together to create a solution. I see heroes emerging in the oil industry, and the community at large who will have a divine spark of inspiration to fix this leak RIGHT NOW! I see everyone involved in this being filled with love, light, a desire to do good for the planet, inspiration and genius ideas! I see this somehow blessing every soul involved. I am so grateful that the leak has been plugged and a solution found which will work for ALL future oil spills. I release this unto the law, I let it be so. And so it is. xxxx
This is beautiful Donna. Thank you!
Blessng & Healing & Solution for Clean Healthy Ocean & Happy People & Wild Life now!!
I am now also praying for the Governor and people of Florida - that they may find even quicker and more effective solutions to protect their beaches - solutions that WORK - as the oil approaches - and that THEIR birds, fish and wildlife will be swiftly moved and successfully re-directed to safer areas, that all species will survive and even be rescued to special protected habitats for as long as necessary, and that rescue work and workers will be in place IN ADVANCE, fully funded, well-organized, highly skilled, compassionate and EFFECTIVE. And so it is! amen.
I pray this whole thing will be a turning point for humanity to re-think and recognize our relationship to the earth and the interdependence of all things and all creatures.



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