The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello, dear co-creators!

Let's start by reflecting on how much we feel our hearts are open in our daily lives, from 0% to 100%.

I'll start! I feel my heart is 41,9% open! haha.

I just feel the conditioning I had responds many times. It says that if I open my heart I will be hurt and that I should avoid that at all costs.

There is a moment in the film that says "If you don't open your heart existence will crush you. Not because there is sth evil about existence, but [...] if you don't meet the world with who you are, then everything around will just fill you in". So, it's exactly the opposite. If you don't open your heart you become closed and filled by the collective fears we've been taught by society directly or indirectly, because they are constantly reinforced in daily living.

What about you? How open is your heart?



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