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This is the true story of one person's spiritual awakening. The various progressions and levels of awareness that are achieved from the initiations in this process are similar to those achieved in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

You can think of this process as giving up the addiction to the physical form and adopting a new way of perceiving reality - one of light, love, prosperity, unity and the consciousness of Christ.

This 194 page book bridges Christianity and Eastern Mysticism with Western Science to provide a clear picture of the 2012 event and what is happening to us today. It is being made available as a Free eBook that opens into Acrobat Reader. Printed copies can be ordered through Amazon.

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Comment by Jill on May 22, 2011 at 4:29pm

Vicki, Whats this I hear about a new book?


Sending you much love...J

Comment by Jill on March 30, 2010 at 11:00pm
Comment by Jill on March 30, 2010 at 10:12pm
Thank you,...yes,yes..that is the word I was looking for.."Alignment".

I think that the reason many who have jumped out of the BOX of Christianity and many that didn't get themselves trapped in that box in the first place was because of the preceived Deity of Jesus the Christ. Dont feel alone, I too have an egg shell walk when discussing it with others. Especially those that can't see past their own fear and the fear of the Bible teachings. AS I move forward with this journey though, I am finding it easier to discuss JC. When source/God/Universe opens that door for me I stroll right on in and chat about it. It is only then that I will be well recieved.
I would like to reference page 67 of this book to all Christians.
"There is no Hell to which 'the damed' will all be sent to Judgement Day. We already live there. We have long since decended into a lower state of consciousness in which we are trapped in ignorance and illusion in a third dimentional reality".

I saw this in myself and now, in my awareness, I see this all around me.

I meet with a like minded friend once a week and we have discussed this Hell we live in many times over.
Surprised you say...Im not...Source opened that

I'm reading a bit now in that book Vicky ref. "The universal Laws of God" in the comment below. Very interesting read. I skipped ahead to Balancing and Integarting each New Light Body.
Comment by Jill on March 30, 2010 at 10:05pm
Ok got my attention once again.
"Initiation is evolution of your light in your spiritual body".
Jilly is doing her homework now...My dearest Vicky...Love J
Comment by Trish on March 30, 2010 at 9:57pm
I will start reading it this weekend.
Comment by michael on March 30, 2010 at 9:44pm
Vicky, well said. Our time here is so short , and I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible before they move on. One of the unexplained benefits of living in the present for me is time. For some reason time seems to slow down and I get to spend more time with the one's I love or so it would seem.

Today is the only day we have and when it is gone it is gone forever!
Comment by michael on March 30, 2010 at 9:16pm
I agree jilly, once aligned with now consciousness there is a net gain in energy. Aligned being the key word. When I observe the couples and families in and around our circle it is difficult for me to engage my ego in the daily chat. Its mostly around what is wrong or how stressful things are, etc. I opt out and have become an outsider. Thats ok by me. I agree with the commom thread of simplicity. How can this be explained intellectually since we are talking about an awakening . The answer in my mind is simple despite several definitions with the same basic premise.
I have a close friend who has on several occasions brought up the subject of jesus and religion and Ive always managed to skirt the topic. Im surprised that Im engaging in it here......its all good.
Comment by Jill on March 30, 2010 at 2:16pm
ok,So you dont know what they are right?
How do you know that they exist? Did I miss something?
You say "I haven't mastered them all myself" implying that you have mastered some, or a few or know about some. What are the ones you have mastered or even know about?
I like being the first to giggle
The universal inquirer whats to
Comment by Jill on March 30, 2010 at 1:17pm
Vicky: OH "Simultaneously" pea brain missed that boat.
So what about the 352 initiations? Thanks
Michael: I have been thinking ONE GOD for eons, but what is, is what is huh.
The how to undo the what is, is the question. I believed that the one can only do this. The ONE Consciousness.
Happiness: Oh yes, I have pondered that one also. Not to long ago I pondered my life. How status quo it was. House on the hill, great hubby and kid. I was quote "always a good girl" and wanted for nothing. I pondered the illusion. Was it that my parents were good at that illusion, making it so.
When hubby and I first moved from Hawaii to the mainland, there was a transition strugle as with any move, how ever my son would never have guessed as we set the illusion of "all is just fine".
Not to long ago I sat still with coffee cup in hand thinking...Am I happy. With all that I have just mention and "ME" asking "am I happy". Anyone on the outside would ask "how can she ask that".
It was then I realized in that conscious moment.
In closing...WE are the thread of simplicity.
Regarding: "the Energy to survive today"
I think the point of all this is that once conscious it takes very little energy to survive. Its the FOCUS of that energy you see.
VICKY/Michael: regarding "Know thyself", I'm sure that Jesus the Christ was not the only messanger of this.
Ok back to my question. Thank you Vicki again for the 11 lives explanation. I am heading back to re-read that segment for a better understanding.
Comment by michael on March 30, 2010 at 2:57am
Vicky, thx again for offering your study for our reading. Being as I am interested in personal stories, I found enjoyment reading about your spiritual journey. It's what kept me reading though I was disappointed that it ended so suddenly. When I was in college I studied the sciences, humanities psychology, philosphy and to some extent religion. More or less in that order. I gave all these diciplines my devoted attention because I was searching for something and when I didnt find it I moved on. There are few truths in my life today as a result of my search, none scientific, religious, though perhaps philosphical or meta physical for the simple reason that I can not explain them. And I need not try. They are:
Our thoughts transcends time and space when we allow it. For me that is refusing to seek sollutions of the ego mind and allow the truth of the universal mind to guide me. This isnt always easy because I am human and my mind is full of distacting information.

second truth: true sustained happiness can only be attained by living in the realm of pure consciousness, being. I attain this through a portal of living presently and/or mantra meditation. Growing up mostly unhappy and mal adjusted in society I only found fleeting moments of happiness until learned how to live in the moment. Though I am often busy raising kids running a business I find pure joy in the now consciousness.

When I think of the most influential people who ever lived I believe that there greatness was achieved not by knowledge of the world but of knowledge of themselves: their source which was exercised in the contemplation of a univeral mind where all truth resides. As einstien put it when refering to the physical sciences : I want to know gods thoughts. I believe god spoke to him.

The truely enlightened in all religions are one with god. The same god. There doesnt need to be a unification or an education accept to say god exists in everyone. When people discover this the outcome is love acceptance joy abundance gratitude. If this happens the world will be a better place. As long as we have genetic variations in our gene pool we wil have differences. Religions are a manifestation of geograghy genetics.

knowledge is power. But what is power? and what has power demonstrated in history? So long as man lives by scarcity and continues the disconnect with god there will be a struggle for the worlds possesions.
I enjoyed your book on the merit of your personal journey and spiritual development. I have gone the road of information enlightnement and followed the dissertations of great thinkers. I prefer the simple truth.

Vicky, your story touched me and you have an honesty and simplicity in your writing. I wish someone would write about the thread of simplicity that weave all religions. Our generations is much more intellegent and do not subscribe to the complex dialects and sub dialects and prohets, etc etc it just gets too complex and contradictory. It is sad that the energy required just to survive today in this world leaves little energy in the contemplation of religion. Christmas, easter, and other holidays have lost their significance and capitalism has paved the way.

Our generation needs help.

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