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Hi Everyone,

I was curious to know if anyone else has noticed a direct link between writing in the gratitude group and the flow of money or anything substantial getting better after typing in here?

I've noticed a direct correlation between typing in here and an increase in sales to my shop. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I'LL TAKE IT THANK YOU !

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Everything feels better after I focus on gratitude. Congrats with your shop! I am hoping to substantially increase my income this year. Feeling so grateful for the opportunity. Love and light to you!

Thank You so much! I've found that in the past, even though I knew it always helped, I would not come in daily. Even after I posted this it happened again. For the last few days I've been coming in daily and my sales have increased substantially again! 

Its obvious, gratitude brings more wealth and I am so thankful in this moment!

yes I have noticed that after releasing your energy to gratituderather than picking on things that are not working or things that could potentially not work the energy brought forth excellence and more things to be grateful for. I also noticed after giving a lot of energy being grateful for things I was learning in my business, good results came from those lessons. with that in mind I am reminded to continuously be grateful no matter what and allow the universe to bless me with abundance in areas I sometimes don't even thank of even the ones that I do think short yes more gratitude more money more abundance is usually the way it works for me.

Its so wonderful to know because when you feel grateful or appreciative of what you do have, you feel good. Then you get more experiences in the physical that make your appreciate life and so you keep on feeling good. Heck, if feeling good and getting money is the results, why not do these things daily?

Thanks Marta! What's funny is that even though I'm consciously aware of this correlation, I still don't do it daily. I resolve this next year to meditate and type of what I'm grateful for everyday or at least every other day. I double checked my sales this weekend and the one day that I was satisfied with the amount was the day that I came back in here! 

I say I'm open to receiving but then won't do the small amount of work or action to raise my vibration to receive. No more of that. Its kind of like a video game. You can't expect to get the free lives if you haven't done the short cut action needed to obtain the free lives. 

I can't expect more money if I don't first o the short cut action of meditating & listing & acknowledging what I am grateful for in order to raise my vibration. The two go hand in hand and so I will now do it daily.

This is my resolution!


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