The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am so grateful to be alive at this time in human (and spiritual) evolution. I am so grateful to be able to witness the spiritual awakening on earth.

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...and to have chosen to be born into this time frame? :)

Thank you, Claire. Even though I get a little scared of what's happening in the word right now, I am so grateful to have been chosen to be born into this time frame. I know that there's a reason that I (and you and every soul on eart) was chosen to be in a human body right now. The problem, for me, is discovering what my purpose is. :)

I think your purpose is to be happy, seek joy and find out your preferences, as it is for all of us? The main purpose is to be happy and then all other purposes tend to fall into place? :)

Claire, what a synchronicity! I have been feeling down and worthless the last couple of days. So earlier today, I asked the Universe what I am supposed to do with my life...what is my purpose? And then, you responded. Thank you for being the messenger.  :)

I feel the same way. This is the most special time in history of the whole earth, well, except maybe when Atlantis was still here. But the guides say nothing like this has ever happened on this earth before in history. That what we are going through usually takes hundreds of thousands of years. And we will experience it in about 2 years. And it wasn't maybe 100 years ago we were all riding horses and look at the advancement of technology. Things are moving incredibly fast on this planet which requires constant adjustment. Some days just are really difficult. I try to use those days for reflection or rest. I learned that while we rest and sleep our body makes adjustments to the new vibrations and clears out old karmic stuff. So don't feel guilty if you are tired and need to rest. No more guilt. This is really happening, isn't it? Hard to believe, it's just so amazing. And here we all are on this page, together on this website, watching it all unfold. How cool is that?


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