The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hey Claudia!
Thanks for starting this group! There is so much noise out there in the media etc. We can all help each other by grouping together to help keep each other "Thinking Well!"

Meditation has made the biggest difference in my life. That and exposing myself to nothing but positive inputs from movies, books, YouTube etc.

There is so much to read and watch etc. The most important thing is to DO and PRACTICE each day!

Way to go Claudia!

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Hi Bill!

Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad, that the theme of this group resonates with you!. I will start with some more directed discussions tomorrow, and I am looking forward to your input as well.

Thanks for your comment Bill! You have actually inspired me now, to start a discussion in this group! I am looking forward to interesting conversations over the next few weeks!


Hi Claudia,
DJ here. Looking forward to meeting the group and agreeing with Bill, the important thing is to do and practice. Hope you'll share some of your postive input finds.

Think well,

You are soooo right on the point. The important thing is to do it and practice the meditation! The more who do it the bigger the effect. Did you watch the John Hagelin video at the bottom of my personal page. Sooooo cool!

This morninn I felt not so great. Depressed actually. Had poor sleep and big anxiety. Meditated for 30 minutes and am having an awesome day!

Peace on ya!



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