The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Everybody!

Inspired by the comments of a member of this group, I am going to start this new discussion with a question to all of you?

How do you tune out the noise? How do you tune out of what does not serve you, and what do you use to redirect your thinking toward the positive?

I am personally very selective on what I watch on TV, or what music I listen to, as well as the books that I read. (This comes from a women who at 17 wanted to become a horror writer - I was good at it too). I also practice detachment as I watch the news - meaning, I will not get involved into the discussion, positive or negative. Most of the time, that is why I choose to get news information from the internet, it is easier to be selective and objective that way.

Share your experiences with the group!



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Choosing my noise!

When I first started working with the principles of Law of Attraction, I was often distracted by the "noise" surrounding me. With that I mean, other peoples opinion, negativity, news-broadcasts or other heated discussions.
I learned at that time the hard way, that the further I removed myself on a daily basis from what triggered negativity in my thinking, the more likely I was able to stay on track, to improve my self-talk. Eventually that became easier, and now after years of experience, I know how to re-direct my thinking most of the time successfully, but I pass this experience on to anyone who starts on their journey of "re-thinking" their lives.

For a short while it is better to be selective about what "noise" you are subjecting yourself to, until you are more established in your thinking. Do you really need to watch the news, which will effect your mood? Is the need to stay informed more important then creating a peaceful future for yourself? Should you engage into the "gossip" conversations that many are involved in, or better let them be.

Choosing with your feelings more consciously also means to choose more carefully the situations you put yourself in. Remember that you are creating through the vibration, the feeling you are giving to the Universe. What do you want to attract?


Exactly, Claudia. I have no time to waste with "news" or information that does nothing for me and vice versa. Do I need to know every bit of news?

Choosing what one allows into ones reality is pretty simple, I think. Even Anthony Robbins suggests to go on a "news-diet" and be selective.

He also teaches a technique to pretty much snap out of downbeat and right into a good mood. There are several techniques -- and now that topic might become my next blog post!

Thank you for that inspiration! Have a good one,

Great question! I try to keep a focus on the positive and frequently ask "where is the blessing in this" or some fun variant of this re-focuser. I love to play with the idea that "the world is conspiring for my good".

In a nut shell, I try to attend only to that which I feel aligned with and enjoy and at the same time strive to maintain the focus and perspective that there is good in all if willing to look for it.

For me, the challenge at the moment is to remember my intentions when with others that with whom I had typically "given away" my energy and positive focus to. I am interested in thoughts and experiences that others have.

Namaste :)
Hi! I tune out things by not letting them become apart of who I am. It's like the old saying ..."You can't stop a bird from flying over your head but you can sure stop him from making a nest." You have to look at it like that. Eat the fish and spit out the bones. Then continue on with your positive thinking process. Be Blessed!
I hope that through the 100day reality challenge, I can have more positive thoughts. I have a 7month old baby and I worry about him a lot. I do not watch TV but the internet fills my head with information both good and bad.....I have started to make better decisions about the articles i choose to read. I am 36 years old and this is my first baby. My mom said she was glad she had me when she was 'young and dumb' because she didn't worry so much. My mother-in-law recently told us that when my husband was a baby, she would put him and his sisters in a play pen in the back of a station wagon! oy....Some things change for the best but there seems to be a lot of fear-based information out there.


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