The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Okay here we go - at 67 the word antiaging kinda gets me going. My friend Toni shared a project she is involved with called the spirituality of aging. I wonder what you think?

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YES!!  I have a Fun Healthy youthful Wise Spirit  and I am Blessed!!

 I Now Look Great & Feel GREAT

(((HUG )))


Hi Penny would love to hear more about this project. The things that make me feel like I am anti aging are:

connecting with friends and faimily in a meaninful way.

Exercise especially running it is my passion

Higher education 


Doing this for the first time like kayaking, new races ect (love the sporty stuff)

Travelling ( my goal is to travel somewhere new yearly and run)

Clean/Healthy Eating ~ When I eat right I feel great

An occasional glass of red wine (especially love it by the campfire or watching a movie with my family)

Having the right balance in my life (I need to daily have the time to play~exercise in a way that is like play like rollerblading, skiing, biking, kayaking or running).

Good Morning, Great goals you have much like mine. I love the sporty stuff also (walking instead of running)  and lived in a log cabin in Idaho for  the summer for 9 years! My friend Toni La Motta teaches the spirituality of aging at senior centers in Florida check out her web site. Loving the 100 day challenge  and connecting with like minded people.
Thanks for sharing ~ I love the name of her book.  It looks fabulous would love to do one of her courses.  One of my life goals is to go hear one of my favorite others on a retreat.  She sounds like the type of speaker I would love to meet.  Will definitely spend some time on her site and try one of her courses or books :)
hmmm... have you ever heard of Tonya Zavasta?  I encourage you to look her up on the web.  She defies age with her healthy way of living.    I personally feel that spiritually, if we are not careful, we can get "old" by becoming depressed and what not by not listening to what WE really want/ need in our lives... and of course not taking care of our temple :)  and on the other side of that coin, our spirit becomes so wise and mature, and yet can retain a youthful nature, if we allow ourselves to be healthy.   You have a fantastic smile :D  great question...



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