The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Lets share our desires!!! It's exciting to experience contrast so that we may realize what we desire!!! Even more exciting is sharing our desires with others!!! I would love to hear about your desire and the amazing journey your on!!!


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I'm so excited!! Season 5 start today and I'm so happy!!!

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Familial, Social, Financial and Professional areas of my life are constantly evolving! I desire to allow that self empowerment in my life!


Spiritual: Lesson to my spiritual guild within and learn to embrace wisdom. Connect with my consciousness.

Mental: Create habitual ways of visionary thinking and use techniques to help me be who I really am. Read 4 empowering books.

Physically: Love my body.

Familial: Express love to my family and create healthy experiences. Feng Shui our home!

Socially: Love others and there self-empowerment.

Financially: follow my budget surplus. Follow my budget surplus.

Professional: Outgrow my position at work. Write Business Plan and create my web site.


I'm so excited about the process of creating my own life and I'm so very grateful!!! loves!!! Heather


Relationships ~ Masterminding, Friendships, Laughter, Connecting with those who are attracted in my life.

Family ~ To live a full and rich life with my family and those who are like family and make many memories and make a daily difference in the lives of others.

Personal~ strive to be the best I can be in what speaks to me and I am passionate about.

Dreams/Goals~ run a race somewhere new yearly, go on an inspirational speaker retreat, take my family on a cruse, run 100 marathon/1/2 marathons, learn to ride a motorcylce, live on the ocean, teach something that I am passionate about, have a wildflower garden ...

Education~ constantly take a course that interest me like to take fitness and nutrition courses

Financially~ mortgage free, save 15-20% of income, have enough money to pay my bills, travel and have the niceties in life and be able to give back to others.

Professionally~ to work part-time, my work is a passion, I am making a difference, I am learning and growing at my job, I am using my education in my job, there are many perks in my job, I am loving my job and it stretches me to new an exciting heights.


I am loving my life and my heart's desires are coming to me in unexpected ways:) So grateful, blessed and loved!



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