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Picnic in the park (in London) this Saturday & hearing Blondie - any takers?

Those of us who could make it to the Mind Body Spirit Show last Sunday had a lovely time & here are some photos.  I couldn't take many cos you weren't allowed to photograph the free stage and there were quite a lot of people as well.  Anyway, there were two other members as well as those in the photo who came along but one was taking the photo of us and the other one was enjoying the stalls.  And our group here is 18 members strong, different members sometimes come along to different meetups.  This is the group site here: So without further ado here is a photo of some of us, of a bellydancer with an "interactive show" I snuck a photo of and two of the stalls.  Plus read on for more info on our June meetup with free music listening to Blondie perform in beautiful Hampstead Heath:

HERE ARE THE DETAILS FOR OUR JUNE MEETUP:  If you live in or near or are visiting London please try to come along:

We will be meeting on Saturday 26 June at 3pm (approx) at Hampstead tube and will be enjoying a picnic with some nice wine.  We will be able to hear Blondie performing later on.  Please call Athena to confirm your attendance as we need to know numbers and arrange a meeting place for all. At the event anyone can choose to pay if they want a deckchair and a better view. However we will be sitting with the local residents on the Heath enjoying the Sun and Sounds for free. 

Here are the tickets details for Blondie (should any of you wish to buy a ticket too) we can of course sit on the Heath for free and hear the music from a decent viewing area without paying admission.  

Kenwood House, Hampstead - Saturday 26 June 7:30pm


Rising from the U.S. New Wave scene during the 1970s, Blondie have sold an unbelievable 40 million albums during their legendary career. Their extraordinary fame and fan base span the world, and are attributed to massive #1 singles including Heart of Glass, Sunday Girl, Call Me, Maria, The Tide is High and the classic Atomic, combined with being fronted by one of rock and roll’s most iconic singers: the inimitable Debbie Harry. Join Debbie and the acclaimed band for a night of platinum hits.

Premium deckchairs £42.00
Premium deckchair concessions £40.50
Standard deckchairs £39.00
Standard deckchair concessions £37.50
Promenade £31.00
Promenade concessions £29.50

Hampstead Heath is one of London's most popular open spaces, only a few miles north of central London but it is a place where one may feel deep in the heart of the English countryside.  The wildest of London's parks, Hampstead Heathhas fields to run in, long grass to roll in, woods to hide in and, most famously, ponds to swim in. In north London this 791-acre heath and woodland isTHE place to get back to nature. Strewn with picnickers, cyclists, families and the rest, the heath is large enough and has enough copses, hills and mounds that a quiet spot is never far away.   More info on directions to Hampstead Heath can be found here:

However, remember we are meeting at Hampstead tube station.  My cell is 078 180 324 83   and it's Emma aka Athena 

Hope to see you there! 

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You guys I put the wrong cellphone on that!
078 2652 8191 is me (oops!)


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