The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What If We See Everything Through The Eyes Of Source?


What If We See Everything Through The Eyes Of Source?

Put your attention on what you want, write it out in the form of What If statements and feel the possibilities open up right here, right now!

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Comment by Anamaria on November 6, 2010 at 1:54pm
What if I am perfectly beautiful just the way I am? What if I learned to master my emotions? What if I allowed my greatness to unfold? What If I felt at one with my desires more and more frequently? What if I had more and more insights? What if I learn to tap into my inner genius more often? What if The Universe is working in my favor? What if this has a beautiful and powerful purpose? What if my questions would be more positively presupposed? What if my best shines trough in everything I did? What if money loves me? What if I attract the ideal people for me? What if my mind and body are fully healthy and aligned with my soul? What if I am discovering and benefiting from hidden talents? What if inner stillness rules my inner world? What if I am the best at what I do? What if I could trust my intuition more and more? What if everything will come together perfectly for me at the right time with P.? What if this relationship will be beautiful and harmonious? What if I can create unlimited success and wealth? what if there is no end to how much well being I can have?
Comment by tat on November 5, 2010 at 3:10pm
What if I got that perfect job that I applied for.
What if I got pregnant so effortlessly.
What if we moved to that beautiful oceanfront home.
What if I had a super speedy metabolism and stayed slim effortlessly.
What if I had another house in the Mediterranean.
What if I found the career field that I should be working in.
What if I only attracted positive nice people into my life.
What if I had a good relationship with my brother.
What if I had perfect health, hormone issues be GONE!
Comment by Theresa Laura Morgan on November 5, 2010 at 8:48am
What if I'm high from life itself?
What if I have all the fun I could every single day?
What if I travel every other month to different countries?
What if I stay in the vortex?
Comment by Anamaria on November 2, 2010 at 8:42pm
What if everything will work out perfectly!? What if something incredible is coming right now? What if it's all much better than I can ever imagine? What if I focus on the harmony in everything? What if my inner being is pulsating trough me? What if the right people, places and circumstances are coming into alignment for me effortlessly? What if my universal manager has already handled it all? What if I am growing more than ever? What if this is the best time of my life? What if tremendous success is unfolding now? What if I am more loving than ever? What if it is getting easier and easier to view everything trough the eyes of Source? What if I lived every moment aware of the fact I have the ability to be, do and have anything that I desire? What my body is aligned with perfect health? What if my most outrageous intentions would manifest easily? What if I learned to believe more and more? What if it got easier and easier? What if I finally get the essence of all of this? what if I am self-empowered? What if everything is unfolding perfectly for me? What if unconditional love rules my life? What if I feel magnificent? What if I am aligned? What if I know how to tell the story the way I wanted it? What if I got really good at telling the story the way I wanted it? What if I am learning to use contrast in the right way? What if something incredibly beautiful happens tomorrow? What if I bring joy and inspiration to people? What if Source energy adores me? What if I am flowing with the stream? What if I am learning to unleash my unlimited potential?

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