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This is from my personal blog posted on May 17, 2008 - Saturday

I was walking around "Riverfest" today when I came upon a crystal booth.  I was looking around and I came across some Moldavite pendants.  It sparked a memory in me.  I dreamed last night that a person or a guide said you need some moldavite.  They asked me if I knew what that was,
and I said "oh yes I do".  I do because I first heard about moldavite
when I was 16 or 17 years old.  I was listening to a radio show and a
woman was talking about how powerful it was.  It was from a meteor and
that it connected you to both earth and to the astral world.  I rushed
out and bought some.  I don't know what happend to that little bit of
moldavite I bought.  But there I was looking at a bunch of moldavite at
a random booth at Riverfest, after i'd been told to get some.  In
Hillsdale mind you.  If you knew Hillsdale MI, you'd know how random
this is.  So I have a little pendant of moldavite around my neck

Moldavite's powerful metaphysical energy has been recognized and utilized for
centuries. In the Middle Ages, Moldavite jewelry was given as gifts
from royalty to royalty. Today, you can experience the amazing energies
of "the stone of transformation" for yourself.

Even people not normally sensitive to the qualities of stones can feel the energy of Moldavite. Typical sensations include heat which emanates from the stone, along with a sense of pulsating, tingling energy.

Moldavite's powerful energies can assist you in breaking through limitations and past patterns.

It can also greatly accelerate the spiritual growth and psychic awakening.

Sleeping with Moldavite is said to activate the dream state.

Wearing moldavite helps manifest positive life changes.

Moldavite is known as excellent meditation stone.

This is a stone to use to open the heart and third eye chakras

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I have a moldavite pendant - a few people I know have felt compelled suddenly to get some. My partner couldn't cope with the vibrations from the 'rough' stone as it made her feel dizzy. She bought a polished piece and that feels much better.
Yes I've found that Moldavite isn't for everyone. I wonder if the tumbling process helped ease it's intense energies for your partner?
Hi Amy, about 5 years ago, i bought moldavite earings on QVC , they are my favorite earings, I bought them because i love the color and also for the history behind it My father was from the Checkoslovakia, and mabe thats why But its a beautiful stone, nevertheless I have a question for you. Please don't think i'm crazy, but lately i have been feeling like i've been attacked, and was wondering if there are any stones that will protect me. It got really bad this time Usually i can get back to normal, and by prayer and such, but this time was very hard on me
Hi Marina,
Don't worry I don't think you are crazy! It is important to feel safe.
My favourite stones for protection are Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, or Tourmalinated Quartz. Black tourmaline especially kind of 'seals' your aura and blocks negativity. Carry it with you or wear it. When you buy it, cleanse it first by running it under a tap or other flowing water and imagine white light dissolving any unwanted energies away. Then its clean and ready for use. Otherwise you can pick up reside from other people who have handled it. And if you are going through a tough time, cleanse it about once a week (or whenever you feel it needs it!)

I find Turquoise and Sugilite are also good at repelling negativity and they also bring other helpful qualities to you, like wisdom. But if you are in crisis I'd go for any of the first three - they are less expensive too. Follow your intuition. OH and wear your moldavite earrings at the same time (if it feels right) because the crystals will give each other a big boost.

Blessings to you, Claudia
Thank you so much Claudia, your sweet. I do have a large turquoise and was putting it in my pocket whenever i remembered.. i don't know too much about Sugilite, but will find out more and see if i might obtain some somewhere. And, i will defineatly start wearing my Moldavite earings. I haven't worn them in awhile, i use to wear them all the time and never take them off. Now , i think i'll start doing that again.
I use Amethyst and Moonstone as protections stones.

Moonstone will protect you and at the same time it will also attract love, wealth, clarity of mind and wisdom.

Amethyst sits on my desk at work. It absorbs negative/lower energies and transforms it into higher vibrational energies. Amethyst is also healing to ones body.

Smoky Quartz is also a protective stone and clears away negative energy.

The stones that Claudia mentioned are also great stones!

Take a peek at this link, it will give you some info on various gemstones and their healing properties:
I never thought of moonstone that way but yes what a good idea! Especially for women, moonstone I think has a kind of Warrior Goddess energy that comes in handy in modern life :-) And amethyst is a wonderful healer - its very good for addictions of any kind. I bet they work well together.

I just had an insight reading this, realising there are dozens of stones that can be used for protection, but again each of these blends that quality with other healing properties. There are some that I'm just not drawn to, but may be irresistable to someone else. I loved turquoise for about 2-3 years, I have a necklace that I wore almost daily. I needed protection from a very negative work situation and I also needed support in speaking up - and turquoise supports honest communication. And then I got to the point where I knew I didn't need it as much anymore.
Claudia, I think that I am more drawn to the protective stones that not only block the energy but transforms it. I have a Moonstone I wear when I'm feeling weak and need some added protection. Or if I suspect I will be walking into a stressful situation.

I feel Amethyst is just an all purpose stone, much like plain quartz. But Amethyst is all purpose for healing and protections. AND FYI Claudia I am a substance abuse therapist;)

And yes, some people just have aversions to certain stones and just cannot be around them. And then some stones come into our lives (much like guides) and when their work is done they leave.
Amy, thank you for telling me about the stones for protection, it just so happens that i do have some moonstone, and a small amethyst in the rough so i am happy. I will use them immediately.
I just love Moldavite, looking at that pic of it above here, it gives me goosbumps, that is how much i love this stone. I think its absolutely beautiful.


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