The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Y'NEVANO (you never know)


Y'NEVANO (you never know)

Please tell us your Y'NEVANO moment. That point in time when you decided to give your dreams and wishes a try.

And there's a book. Yes, a book. It's called the YNEVANO Book of Encouragements.

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Would you trust your doctor that's known for doing a just a good enough job? Or would you pay your mechanic top dollar to fix your car and his work is just good enough? How about if your bank couldn't give you an exact balance only a good enough guess? You know that that is unacceptable and you would not allow it. Never settle for good enough only be satisfied with the best.
And that goes for you too. Good enough should never represent the work you do. One of the worst feelings is walking away from a challenge and knowing you could have done better. You deserve to do your best.

One of the best feelings to have after you've done your best is that you know you did your best and the best is the best you can do.


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Comment by Glenn M. Eades on February 18, 2011 at 6:50am

Well, I just lost the post I was writing with all the details in it and don't really feel like writing the whole thing all over again, so please forgive me for not including all the details for you here... but when I was 18, I asked the universe to provide me with a car as I needed some transportation. I asked for it to be green, I wanted to pay $200 for it, and I wanted it to get around 40 mpg.


The following Sunday I found that an ad I came across in the paper kept coming back to mind pretty persistently, even though the seller had indicated he was selling it for $500 firm, and there was nothing else in the ad that gave any indication that it was anything that I had any interest in. When I finally called the number, I was surprised to find that the car was actually green, so I made arrangements to go look at it.  Throughout the entire negotiation, I kept listening to the universe, asking "what's next?" and trusted the universe to provide me with direction each step of the way.


Although the fellow had told me a number of times that he had to get $500 for the car and tried to get me to commit to that price a couple of times, I ended up getting it for $200. It was a '73 Datsun B210 (which wasn't too old back then), and I was happy to find it got 42 mpg when I calculated the mileage a week or so later. It was perhaps the most fun car that I've ever owned, it had the shortest turning radius of any car I've ever seen, you could turn it on a dime, small enough you could park it anywhere, and I never put a dimes worth of repair into it in the entire 3 years that I owned it.


So, go ahead and ask the universe for whatever it is that you truly desire... you never know just how it will work things out and it can be pretty amazing to see how it all comes to happen in the end...


(believe me, the original version with all the details was far better... :-)

Comment by Happy, Joyous, and Free!!! on January 2, 2011 at 10:42pm
How inspiring Wali.  I truly want this year to be the year I embrace my dreams and experience more of the fullness of life.  I am calling it my breakthrough year.
Comment by Wali Collins on June 7, 2010 at 10:18pm
At the very least...
By Wali
So many of us are afraid of living our dream. Or at least pursuing them for whatever reason.
However, consider this, as very morbid as it may be. But it is going to happen. Imagine you laying on your death bed or you taking your last breath. What do you think is going to be going through your mind? Besides wondering who will show up at your funeral. It's those things you always wanted to try.
Seeing the Grand Canyon, standing in Times Square, tasting the salt water from the Caribbean Sea, learning how to salsa, shaving your head, streaking, telling your boss what you really think, squashing old beefs, getting regular check ups, saying yes or saying no for that matter. Or even doing absolutely nothing at all.
Y'NEVANO is designed that you have no regrets. All Y'NEVANO is saying is, TRY IT.
And don't get hung up on the result of your trying. It's all about knowing that you can say to yourself, "The most important thing I did was try".
Comment by James Anderson on December 28, 2009 at 5:47pm
Wishing you all a happy new year!
Comment by Wali Collins on December 17, 2009 at 11:42pm
Hey Isabel,
Check out the new updated website:
Get you and your bro some t-shirts or something from the product line. And I would love to be in your magazine to talk about Y'NEVANO.
Comment by Isabel B on December 17, 2009 at 7:58pm
How's things going Wali? Long time eh? Things are going great with me! I've been prodcing a magazine with my bro and it's coming along real well! So exciting!!
Can't wait to get it out there for all to read.....
Have a great week!
Comment by Gina Brillon on December 15, 2009 at 11:26am
pushing through life's latest challenge with a Y'NEVANO attitude
Comment by James Anderson on December 5, 2009 at 1:17am
My moment came at a barbecue, cook-out, or whatever you want to call it! I said to a couple friends after I had just received a teaching degree, "You know I always told myself that I would never be a teacher", they both looked at each other and then proceeded to tell me that was the very reason I was a teacher, "Have you seen the movie The Secret?" Now I had passed this movies about 20 times at the local movie store, there was only one copy and every time I passed it I picked it up and then put down again, not really understanding what it was. So I had been quite literally holding 'the secret' in hands for months! Since then I have not looked back and man I don't intend to! My life as an actor has been awesome since then. I have travelled to Japan to perform for Tadashi Suzuki and my theatre company has received thousands from funding. I was short listed for a lead in an aussie film, i didn't get it, i was going to Japan during the shoot, so I think the universe made things easy for me. I know that the film role is coming soon. I also know now that I will be on stage for the rest of my life and that I will make my living at it more and more! Thanks Wali! My love to you all! Just go for it!
Comment by Wali Collins on November 5, 2009 at 2:00pm
Yes Kem!
Thank you!
Comment by Wali Collins on November 5, 2009 at 11:48am
It's in the testing stage right now. So we're looking at end of November. If you want you can start your own TRAVEL group.

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