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  • 100 Days- October 10 - January 18,2009

    4 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2009 Starting a lil after LiLou and the gang so I hope some are starting with me *_* So whose with me?

  • 100 Day Change for the Messianic Community

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct 5, 2014 This group is for the Messianic Believers who want to change their diets and there eating habits, eating Kosher is only half the battle, but we also…

  • Deeply Implicit

    4 members Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2012 Deeply Implicit within everyone is a place where our authentic Heart-Song is revealed...this is a place where people searching for their heart-song…

  • The Master Key System

    35 members Latest Activity: Dec 9, 2013 "We must be before we can do, and we can do only to the extent which we are, and what we are depends upon what we think."

  • Metro Detroit Co-creators

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 30, 2010 This group is for all of the CCR members who are in metro Detroit, Michigan. Let's share our experiences about what's happening in our unique…

  • 100 Giorni Per Cambiare

    12 members Latest Activity: Mar 26, 2014 Il gruppo italiano per "The 100 Day Reality Challenge"

  • 100 Days For Finns

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2011 This is a group for finnish where ever they are.

  • UK 100 Day challengers

    125 members Latest Activity: Jan 7 This is a place for all the Uk 100 day challengers to meet, to organise get togethers and find out what Law of Attraction and similar events, are…

  • Abraham-Hicks Group

    823 members Latest Activity: Jan 28 For everyone who applies, want to share and practice The Abrahams-Hicks teachings. Joy is the point! "I, in my human form want to allow myself to…

  • Prayers

    0 members Latest Activity: Feb 5

    All faiths, all religions, all ideologies. Pray fundamentally for peace and harmony.

  • Philly Co-Creators

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2014

    Get to know and support fellow Philadelphia area co-creators.

  • Trust your inner guidance

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 7, 2014

    1. Be open to guidance

    2. Expect intuitive guidance

    3. Trust the…

  • Create Your Reality

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2013

    Everything is created by you. Everything. With this in mind, we have the ability to change anything. What have you been able to change in your…

  • The Grid

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2013

    Welcome to The Grid group where we Do Grid Work!  Simply because the results are just so surprisingly nice.

    A metaphor and simple…

  • Affirmations for Musicians

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2014

    As a musician you have to deal with so many things in the music business. Here's a lot of affirmations that will pull you through.

  • Let's Make a Difference

    7 members Latest Activity: Aug 18, 2013

    weekly challenges to do good and make a difference one challenge at a time.

    We can make a difference ~ Yes we can:)


    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2014

    When life knocks you down, it often feels like there is no one else that understands, what it feels like to be laying on the canvas, stunned,…

  • Neville Goddard Library

    33 members Latest Activity: May 6, 2014

    A place to find Neville Goddard books and audio, freely available on the net, in one location in CCOR.

    For discussion, encouragement,…

  • Melbourne CoCreators

    0 members Latest Activity: Jul 8, 2014

    Hi Melbournians! I thought it would be nice to have a place for all the local CoCreators to connect. 

  • Meditation together 20.00 (Norway time) Mondays

    19 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2013


    This is the group for us meditating together. We are tuning at the same time for 30 min. mondays  sending love and compassion to all…


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