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30 Days of Massive Change Challenge


30 Days of Massive Change Challenge

There are some changes being made to the Massive Change Challenge So Perk Up! I'll be posting a video about it below. Yes! ~anasha

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Started by Kriss Askenback. Last reply by the Phenomenal Lauren G Oct 3, 2010. 1 Reply

Hello new friends,     I want to thank all of your for helping me get motivated to do the challenge. This has been one of my worst years. I am newly divorced, lost my home, and now a single mom…Continue

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Comment by Nicole Bedard on June 9, 2011 at 6:08pm

I have been doing so rediculously well on my goals for this challenge that I started my season AGAIN and decided that this was going to be the SEASON of MASSIVE CHANGE. I have the three goals listed in here, as well as other goals relating to things that I want to see turned completely around by the end of the season. Since we can accomplish so much in 30 days, why not make it 100?

1. The no eating at restraunts and fast food goal has been going smoothly. We're actually eating things from the freezer that have been in there a while that are till good but just need to not go to complete waste. Not only that but no additional forms of take out have been purchased since going on this "shop what we have" binge. Today we went to publix and got subs and only a couple of different snacks but nothing extravagant.


2. Cosmetics no buy- I realized that I have 38 out of 60 cosmetics left to use up on my project 60 pan list which was posted in a personal blog that documents my personal no buy challenge. Since may- I used up my monthly cheat of drugstore items but spent under $45. I am implementing project thrifty $50- this is when you dont spend more than this amount on this sort of item per month, and if you dont spend that money it can carry over and add onto the next month. I suppose I have $60 I could spend but since im so close to completing the items on my list, Im jut going to not buy anything causeI want to achieve this thing..


3. Room is doing good. Its so clean that I just dont need to clean it anymore thanks to the nightly/daily straightening up for fifteen minutes per day. I think Ive conquored clutter..


4. School : big fat check mark as this goal was manifested TODAY. I am officially registered as a junior in a bas program and will start USF in August and will be taking my first upper division courses. I am excited yet very nervous at the same time. I cant wait to finally finish up my college education. This is a huge milestone in my life !

Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 30, 2011 at 1:17pm

1. This goal technically sortof kindof failed over the weekend. However- I had family come into town and my family bought dinners out at restraunts and even made something rather extravagant for dinner on Sunday night. Today I bought things to make various types of dips instead of going out and buying really expensive dips.


2. No buy: Total failure this weekend. We went to the mall and thus I could not resist the MAC counter. I spent about $212 total. Yes.. Yes I know. WTF that is BAD. Actually- it's not TERRIBLE but its not good either. I know the products I got will be completely loved and enjoyed.. and starting on June first I will embark on a project 10 pan, and a shopping my stash expidetion. Also staritng June 1st- I will not be purchasing additional groceries or fast food items as well, as our fridge and freezer are both Packed FULL of things.. as are our bathroom counters and my makeup drawers. I am good to go!


3. This one is one of the only goals that Ive kept up with over the weekend. For fifteen minutes every day I blast my favorite music and clean and organize as best as  I can. My room has actually been kept into shape becuase of this new goal and its something im going to keep up with.


4. Routine for school: Ive taken Monday off because my professor for my second class has not released the work for this week. There is no point in doing the homework in little bits and chunks is there. Id like to get it all done in one big sweep.

Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 28, 2011 at 2:32pm

1. Had a chicken salad sammy for lunch today, and some chips and black bean and corn salsa for lunch/snack. Also made iced tea instead of running out to buy pop. For dinner last night I had chicken nuggets as planned. My aunt is in town on a suprrise visit so we may end up going out to dinner either tonight or tomorrow or both nights in question. However- it is not money that I am spending so it does not matter to me if we go out or not.  

2. No buy Cosmetics bann: Because of how badly my skin has been behaving due to the weather- I broke down and orderd a few things from H20 plus to take care of the issue. However I think it really is due to weather  as when I use the clinique system my skin is fine until after a few hours of using it. 


3. I have been doing this every day and my room is very organized and cleaned. I have been dusting on a daily basis now.. and have been organizing the bathroom a little.  

4. Routine for school: I completed all of module two for both courses and am beginning module three (the next week's) homework this afternoon. There's not much to the module this it shouldn't take me as long as it did yesterday to finish up homework.

Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 27, 2011 at 12:55pm

1. Lots of left overs in the fridge so I wont be making the chicken and rice dinner tonight. I will hold off on this until there aren't as many left overs sitting there. I will make the remaining chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner tonight instead of asking for fast food- as Ive been craving McDonald's chicken nuggets and french fries something fierce. These are way better tasting than those -- and it satisfies my craving for fast food. I did break down and ordered pizza- but it was on special and only paid $7.99 for it, so thats not too terrible but it will NOT happen again.


2. No buy Cosmetics bann: I have been wanting some anti-acne cleansers since the weather is changing and my skin is breaking out. I will have to make due with what I currently have sitting in my skincare collection. I dont NEED This stuff- its just a strong desire.  

3. I am about to spend fifteen minutes de-cluttering before I do anything else, like work on homework related items for today. This has been keeping my room in great shape to be completly honest. I love doing this as part of a daily routine.


4. Routine for school: I completed half of module two for one class but did not turn the work in yet. I will be finishing up both classes worth of homework today, and on Saturday/Sunday I will begin and complete all of Module 3, and possibly begin organizin module 4 if they choose to post it.



Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 26, 2011 at 3:59pm

Just an update on day four of my challenge:


1. I managed to complete the majority of the left overs.. okay well not just ME my family actually ate the left overs in the fridge too and Im really happy about that. I found a pack of chicken nuggets and fries in the freezer- and instead of going to fast food, I made that for lunch instead. Tonight I will finish the remainder of the left overs, and will make a slow cooked Chicken and Rice dinner tomorrow night in the crock pot.


2. Cosmetics no buy: I have opened brand new products because of the ones Ive finished last week so  iam no where near completing the new things opened . Im very much so enjoying playing with the things I bought from MAC a few months ago. I have no regrets with buying this stuff as its made me happy- and Im actually using it up.


3. I spent 15 minutes this morning straightening up my bedroom non-stop and Im amazed at how much cleaner and organized it actually looks in here. I love this and will be sticking to it for this challenge. Got the bed made, my makeup from this morning put away, and got my vanity area a little bit more organized and neat. Also got some boxes of trash taken out as well.


4. I have a routine settled for school. I will be doing homework for the week over saturdays and sundays. During the week on Tuesdays- I will be doing any spill-over course work from those weeks in quesiton.


5. I will be mailing out my letter of intent tomorrow, and will be going to guidance VERY soon so that I can register for fall classes as a Junior/Senior this year.

Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 25, 2011 at 12:48pm

Today is day three of my 30 days of massive change challenge and wanted to post an update so I make sure to keep with this challenge and all of my practices on this site for this season.


1. I made dinner last night and kept the kitchen nice and clean afterwards. I made a HUGE pan of baked ziti for supper , we should be eating this for at least tonight and possibly tomorrow. I discovered two boxes of mac n cheese in the pantry- and also some frozen chicken nuggets that I dont remember buying that are still good. This was a childhood comfort dinner of mine that mom used to make (mac n cheese and chicken nuggets lol)... and I Plan on fixing this for myself within the next few days.


2. Cosmetics no buy is difficult for me even though I just recieved my costal scents netural and mirage palettes. I have challenged myself for this month: I will use the same face products the whole month through and will allow myself freedom to use different palettes for lips and eyes this month so that I dont get bored with the same thing again and again. Same goes with perfumes.


3. Closet has not been cleaned but I have been allowing myself a ten minute de-clutter daily challenge. I put on two songs and I try to pick up and straighten as much as possible at the end of each day before bed.


4. I have yet to get myself settled in terms of school and academic work because my textbooks havent arrived yet. They will be getting here by mid w eek next week, so I am going to be printing out handouts and organizing days that I do homework today. Those days are set in stone "nicole goes to the library and focuses" days.


5. I have already attracted one student loan, but I need to fill out and send in my letter of intent by the end of this week. I also need to call the bank and ask about the refund that should have been deposited several weeks ago.

Comment by Nicole Bedard on May 22, 2011 at 2:15pm

I have started my season six over again- yes again. I am going about this season of lazer sharp focus and wil lNOT let my practices slip on any day for this season. I will also intend to keep up with this challenge on a daily basis.


1. I will be cooking on a daily basis and will be great about eating and using up all left overs. I will also be putting myself on a fast food money spending ban.

2. Cosmetics no buy for 30 days. No buying or spending un necessiarly on cosmetics related products.

3. I will clean out my closet by the end of this 30 day challenge and I will also clean out from underneath my bed by the end of this challenge as well.

4. My top priority- is to obtain a balanced work schedule in terms of getting homework done. I will attack and focus on my homework two to three days per week.

5. I will attract student loans/grants/ and a job by the end of this challenge.

Comment by Nicole Bedard on April 29, 2011 at 12:36pm

Project 30 Pan progress: I have completed 25 out of the 30 products that were initially on my list, and ten of those items were makeup items. I admit to caving with a $37.00 purchase from Elf the other day, after realizing that I was going to be finished with the project by the end of this week.


I have re-started my season, and have implemented a project 60 pan which includes bath and body stuff and random toilrities like that. I have a collection that is getting out of hand and am finally doing something about it. It was hard for me to resist buying new products at first but now its not as hard anymore, and am actually getting some kind of satisfaction out of using up cosmetics until their last drop. :D

Comment by Love on April 27, 2011 at 11:02pm
) Decluttering~

2) Spring Cleaning~garbage day got rid of two extra bags of junk/wiped my car dashboard

3) shed excess weight 5-15llbs start weight 136.4 showing up and doing the things


4) connecting with family & friends ~ called my oldest bbf, had coffee with my best friend where I live now and a fellow who has kinda adopted my friend and I as daughters had a wonderful visit

5) fitess routine~ 1hr yoga

6) cleanse rituals~ took out of my Gym a vision board that I believe is not aline with what I am desiring now and a photo of something that I am ready to release.

Comment by Love on April 26, 2011 at 11:49pm
busy girl, Hope you aced the tests Kelly :)

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