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Comment by Julia on February 3, 2013 at 1:41pm

That is so great that you spot your kids interest in them, believe it or not, not many mothers actually pay attention to these kind of things, they leave it completely to the school system. So really well done on that :)
I am also a big believer of engaging kids in more than just the school curriculum  however you need to be careful with that a bit. I learned to read, write and math before I went into my first class and that was fine, since that were the standards at my school (also called gymnasium) and my nice learned to read and write before she entered the first class but she was not that well off. The standard in her school was much lower and she hated to go to school, because it was so boring for her. All the other kids just started to learn the alphabet and she was just so bored the whole year. Her whole perspective for the following years changed as well, since the first year it was fixed for her that school is just a boring place. 

I studied early childhood education for a year and my take on school system was that Montessori School System are quite good as they allow to develop the kids interests more than in other schools. Same thing you want to do with your kids as well. Identify their interest and help them to progress in that part.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is so great that you help your kids with their interests but they should still not feel bored with school because of knowing all the staff the teachers will cover. So maybe a good idea is to tell your boy more about math and challenge him on a different level, by presenting more complex activities which don't make him go to far along with his curriculum in school. 

Comment by Let there be Light on February 3, 2013 at 12:45pm

Funny you mention this Raizel! In Brazil it's called "ginásio"! 8 years to from 1sr grade to eighth grade...

Comment by Raizel on February 3, 2013 at 10:55am

I don't have any kids of my own, but I remember that when I was 8, my family moved to the USA for a year, and I went to school there, however we were always planning to go back after the year was over, so my mom was giving me extra classes when I returned home every afternoon, so that I would also be up to date with the Czech curriculum. I didn't mind any of the Czech grammar and literature lessons, but what did turn out to be a pain was actually maths.

You see, in the USA they were still focusing on summation and substraction (although of very high numbers), while the Czech system already introduced multiplication and division. At my American school, I was easily the best at Maths, it was the only subject where I didn't need English, that weird new language. So it was very strange for me that I should learn to do other things with numbers when "clearly" I didn't need them :) Especially since I only returned home from school around 4, still had American school homework and had to do things for Czech school. My mom really had to make it all interesting for me, I remember her choosing a different topic every day, and using a lot of visual aids, Maths with toys and that kind of stuff. I wish I remembered better, because she did an amazing job (I was able to join my old class when I got home and progress with them).

Do your kids go to a Montessori school or a regular one? Both of my cousins originally went there, one did 5 years of Montessori school and then went on to something called "gymnasium" which is a part of the Czech educational system. It's an 8 year-long programme that kids attend from 11 to 19 and it's meant to be better preparation for university than any other Czech high schools, those are usually specified and meant to produce people ready for employment in a certain area (I went too, but after 5 years of traditional school rather than Montessori). My younger cousin went to the Montessori school for a year or two, but it didn't suit her and so her parents had her switch to traditional education. So I suppose that my point is that different children have different needs and different thing suit different people. However, based on my own experience, I do agree with Let there be Light - it is very important to guide your son especially through the subjects he does not like.

Comment by Let there be Light on February 3, 2013 at 7:47am

Oh, my, this is such a great topic kallisti! Thanks for thinking this way. I'm 23 years old and I suffered a lot through my high school years. I don't know exactly how education is in Greece, but in Brazil we have like 7 to 9 subjects (e.g. English, Portuguese, Maths, History, Geography, Sciences) and we need to keep a score of 7-up to keep passing the year. The problem is that the subject is not "made interesting" by all teachers and sometimes it can get very boring and stressfull, 'cause every year the conents keep growing and the time keeps becoming smaller, so kids nowadays are much more stressed. Some parents even choose to put extra curricular activities like sports (which is great), but sometimes they exagerate and put the kids on so many activities they don't have the time to breathe and just BE kids... I believe it would be great to develop your kid's interest in maths, it will make him such a better person in the future! (in every field he chooses)... But the most important is to help him to go through the subjects he doesn't like, those will the the toughest. To flow with better ease would be awesome for a kid!

Comment by kallisti on February 2, 2013 at 11:09pm

Hello ladies, It is fairly late into the night and a double cappuccino I had this evening still keeps me up. I discovered some interesting math material from the Montessori learning system which I am going to start using with my kids . My son is 8 and daughter 5 and a half. I can see slowly that my son loves maths and exploring ...but the school sets a certain curriculum for learning, in a certain way ...and George thinks sometimes in different ways. And I want to NAVIGATE through the educational system, help them be flexible and open up his mind and his sister's as well on the different ways you can think of a problem apart from the school's way. Its good to be and think different. ....ask ...think....question.  My husband is very cool about the 'education system'.....he doesn't really care...He cares but in a different way, there is no way he will give importance on how high a grade is , or make the kids believe that school marks have to do anything with how 'good' the kids are.

What do you do with your kids dear mama's here ?  do you have any thoughts or suggestions on our kids ..'gradual knowledge of how society works' and how to open them up to the endless possibilities of life. Much love to all of you 

Comment by Julia on February 2, 2013 at 5:59am

Congratulation Raizel. I hope that job is exactly what you were looking for. Good Luck, I know you will do great. 

Comment by Raizel on February 1, 2013 at 2:02pm

I have a job!!!!!

Comment by Raizel on January 30, 2013 at 11:41am

Haha, when I was a little child I wanted to work at a newspaper stand. LOL


(I thought it would be interesting to observe what kinds of newspapers and cigarettes or sweets people buy and to figure out what it says about them... later on I wanted to be a psychologist :))


You know if you're going to help your boyfriend with getting new clients for his business, that could at the very least enhance your CV! (you can easily call yourself a business development executive)


About his best female friend: If he wanted to get together with her, it would have probably happened ages ago, with them being so close. I have two very good guy friends and I find hooking up with them slightly revolting - it would basically feel like incest! Don't worry, if nothing's happened between them up till no, there's no point in being jealous :)

Comment by Anna on January 30, 2013 at 6:33am

I meant with the promise to the little child in me that I want to find my dreamjob and something that REALLY makes me happy and not only semi-happy...I do not want to become an actor anymore...

Comment by Anna on January 30, 2013 at 6:31am

Hello everybody! Yes, Raizel is right: It looks a bit dead here - how is everybody doing????

I am still searching for my dreamjob! Have looked on old pictures from me as a little girl and I remembered that I always wanted to be and do something special and extraordinary...As a girl I dreamed about being an actor but my parents always told me that I am not that good and never would be...But now I want to keep the promise I have been given to the little child in me and reach out for my dream!!!

My love life gets better and better and now we are telling the other how much we love each other..and I really feel it...But my problem is that I am so sceptical and that I cannot trust. This weekend my boyfriend is going to his hometown where his family and all his friends are living including his best female friend. And she is pretty! And now I am so jealous and I am suffering already even though he is going tomorrow. In my nightmare I see him dancing in nightclubs with other girls and sleeping with them afterwards...I also see him being in love with his best female friend and I am making myself a real hard time...What could I do??? I know that I will suffer the whole weekend and I do not want it! What the hell is wrong with me?????



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