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Meditation together 20.00 (Norway time) Mondays


Meditation together 20.00 (Norway time) Mondays


This is the group for us meditating together. We are tuning at the same time for 30 min. mondays  sending love and compassion to all involved and to the world. Here we can share experiences and help each other to the next level.

 We also do healing sessions some weeks :))

All is for free of course. This is idealistic and no commercial.

Tune in where ever you are :)

Peace and love ; ) Helene

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Unity and healing :)

Started by Helene Mar 15, 2012. 0 Replies

Hi there. Hope you enjoyed the drum healing today. Felt strong on the hara chacra. More joy and happiness when we go out in the world. More confidence and influence will come now !!"See" you. I am…Continue

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Comment by Helene on March 22, 2012 at 7:46am

Thank you Teea for sharing this. I see you so clearly and connected with you on a spiritual level so strong. It is so much love and a we help each other to rise and shine.

Actually I feel strong we have not use the spiritual gifts fully- it´s now opening up I see- like a strong warm light- a sunrise. It has always been there- very powerful and strong....

Best, Helene :))

Comment by Helene on March 22, 2012 at 3:52pm

Yes- for sure Eva. I really felt strong energies tonight. Wow. This healing will open up and connect us  with true self and that is going behind surface. It will get you closer to who you really are.

I feel the connection between left and right part of the brain is so important to give the creativity the strong power it needs to go out there..a feminine and masculine energy melting to one stable unity. Manifestation.

Healing from a distance is so strong. No ego - just a channel for love and the universe. More easy than being physically in the same room. Nothing to prove just be an open channel.

We will help each other on this way. Tomorrow "I" will give (channeling) healing and light for going from dark and fear to light, joy and creativity.

Please tell me if some of you have special wishes. This is sharing and giving for me also.

Post it here or just send me an message in inbox. I totally feel for this and I am so happy to do this healing for you (and me). It will be healing every day on this meditation sessions I think. I clearly get this message. We really are connected :) Love to you.

"See" you. 

Love, Helene

Comment by Stéphanie Thévenot on March 23, 2012 at 3:00am

Happy to read that we are really all connected.

Yesterday for me was spectacular once again : I began with a feeling I never had... I felt that I had wings and they were spreading ... It was very uncomfortable, I moved my legs to find a better position... So strange ! They were very big, I felt their weight... After that I felt a great activity in the back of my head... I had the vision that my 2 sides were practically one...

Yes, we are doing a great job for ourselves ! Thank you for being here on my path... That's true, the distance doesn't change the efficience of our exchanges... Beautiful !

With all my affection...

Comment by nessa on March 23, 2012 at 9:49am

Hi all. How great is this!? :) i've been trying to shift a little away from my computer and all the busy things especially after sunset and i've been wondering what things I could fill that time with (between sunset and bedtime) and this meditation group was the perfect answer.

I'll be joining you at some point. Most likely tomorrow and then on. Today i have something just before that time so i'm not sure if i'm able to make it in time, but if i can then i'll be there today as well. See ya :)

Comment by Helene on March 23, 2012 at 11:30am

Hi Nessa.Thank you.Feel strong for this way of connecting, focus, tuning in sending healing and receive. Look forward tuning in this weekind. Healing, joy, and happiness, Helene

Comment by Stéphanie Thévenot on March 23, 2012 at 4:35pm

I've danced with my ancestors.. Thank you so much Helene ! I am doing giant steps these days... I have received a phone call from my father one hour before the meditation and he spoke to me about his grandfather... Jules... He has discovered by chance that he was blond, he always thought he was dark hair... He never knew him, he died at the first world war, my grand-parent, Raymond, was very little... 

It was so meaningful for me to hear from him. I realized that I'm healing my fear of lack that I have taken from my parents, who took it from their parents, who took it from their parents... I understood it very clearly with this meditation... they were there to help me to go beyond... I'm so grateful... Life is magical ! Thank you again... And I send all my affection to all the members of the group !

Comment by Helene on March 24, 2012 at 4:23am

Thank you for sharing this both Stephanie and Til.

During the meditation yeasterday I got this message.

Remember: You are very much loved.

A lot of healing work every day here now. 

This is not like work for me- no hierarchy under or over. It is to be a channel and share (otherwise it is not working..)

Thank you for being here and connect on a deep spiritual level.

Life is magic. Now it is signs everywhere..I feel strong many of you her will start or be more in tune with your psychic/intuitive abilities. You will (and many of you already do this..)see behind words (songs, books, pictures..) and the link and connection to your life.This will help to be safe and happy- unity.

See you tonight. Healing for peace of mind today and clarity today .)))

Much love, Helene

Comment by Helene on March 24, 2012 at 3:24pm

Thank you for today. Hope you got some healing from this :))

Today it was to parts during the healing session. Of course you get your own inner feelings/visions. I just share mine.

 Part 1: Old  baggage is gone. Now need to take more /other people worries on your shoulders anymore..

Part 2: A huge eagle-  observe from above. You will see more than ever before...

See you tomorrow. 

Love, Helene

Comment by Stéphanie Thévenot on March 25, 2012 at 3:20am

It was very relaxing for me too. My grand-mother came back, it was like ending the previous meditation... Yes, it was leaving behind old vibrations... I heard that in 2013 my life will change... In a way, i'm preparing myself...

I wish you a beautiful day,

See you tonight !

Comment by Helene on March 26, 2012 at 2:23pm

Hi there beautiful people. I am so happy you are tuning in. 

Todays theme/issue was about creativity/art/financial healing. Solid base for making art and go out in the world. Message: "You have a message. You go step by step and suddenly you make a living from it. No need to worry. Yes you go step by step- plan your work and stay focused.  When you are there living off your art- you look back, laugh and smile and see how easy the shift has been. Now you worry too much. Be happy and enjoy the journey. Day by day. In the moment.

"See" you tomorrow

Best Helene


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