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I am planning on collaborating all of the power journals written here into a book for people to read and be encouraged by. What is a power journal? Well, I will post the first one as an example. It's journaling as if the dream has already arrived.

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Thanks Isabella and Jean!

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Comment by Isabel Swan on March 1, 2009 at 1:23am
The expansive circles of wisdom find space in my time.
I look, I search, I find.
Who are you mystical being of tomorrow?
What might I find?
I am powerful.
I am free.
I am free.
I have the courage to be authentic in my relationships.
And I am happy and joyful.
Amazing amazing new things are coming into my life.
And I allow them to build without thwarting.
I allow the love to build.
I allow my relationships to build.
I make such good friends that stay in my life for a long time
God I love my friends.
All different types with one thing the same:
I walk with grace and determination.
I have and use the power of intention.
I feel my authority and I use it for good.
My words have power and I speak good.
Comment by Isabel Swan on March 1, 2009 at 1:34am
In my perfect world-
I heal people. I am happy and joyful.
I am charismatic and engaging and people love the way they feel after talking to me.
And I love the way I feel. It just feels so good to live my day-to-day life.
Every moment that would have been mundane is beautiful and beloved.
I feel so much true, pure love, and I have so much fun.
I laugh and I see the world in color.
The reign of dominance ends.
I am always joyful.
In my perfect world, I have a studio,
much like that of a massage therapy studio.
There is water trickling in the lobby.
I am booked out months in advance.
What this boils down to, is that I allow universal love, joy and purpose flow through me.
Comment by Jean Dayton on March 1, 2009 at 2:11am
This is my world:

My creativity flows easily and I am inspired daily, I am high on the zest of life.My creativity is constantly expanding and my inspiration is highly tuned, I paint from my soul, I am completely in the NOW, in the FLOW when I paint.
I feel so happy and centred in my lovely spacious studio that overlooks the rolling English countryside.
My Art is in high demand and my art career is flying high, I am riding on the crest of a wave and LOVING IT !
I have an abundance on money just flowing towards me constantly.I enjoy spending the money I earn and enjoying it fully, I joyfully share my wealth with my family and friends.
I feel great joy inside and express my joy to the world, I help people find their joy.
Love surrounds me and angels walk with me, I give love freely and those around me feel loved & nurtured.
I feel light and free in my heart and I see the world through the eyes of a child, in awe and wonder at this magnificent world I live in.
I have an abundance of fun and laughter in my life, great times with my friends & my loved ones - I laugh and see the humour of life.
Comment by Amy on March 1, 2009 at 10:33am
Today I awake and am greeted by a day full of anticipation because today is my big scene. My sides are delivered to me and as I sit in makeup I work on my memorization. I am able to memorize my lines quickly and am able to act them out in an academy award fashion!

My body is in tip top shape. I am at my perfect size and I feel confident, toned, and good in my own skin.

My agent calls me and we go over a few minor roles I am considering. I turn on the TV and my reality show is on. I am investigating with an all woman paranormal group. We helped so many people with cases and I feel good about the work that I've done on that show. I give a few press interviews and then head over to wardrobe...

My bank account has more then I need and I am able to give to the charity of my choice. I also am able to travel the world and vacation when I feel my body needs it.

When I look in the mirror I smile because I know that my boat is going with the stream!
Comment by Kristy Robinett on March 1, 2009 at 9:57pm
I wake up in my large bedroom and walk to the bathroom. The bathroom has a sunkin bathtub that I can relax in with my sea salts, but not today. Today I don't have time for that because I have to fly to New York to meet with my agent and sign a new contract. After my shower in the standup shower that is bright and clean, I go to our walk in closet to choose what I will wear. The light brow suit with a coral top seems like a nice choice, so I choose that. Everything is nicely arranged by color, so it makes it very easy to find my clothes. On racks below are the shoes, and I pick some cute brown leather flats that flatter the outfit. Dressing in the bedroom, I look out over the lake. The kids are already out there fishing and playing. I run down the steps to the gourmet kitchen to find my husband and dad sitting at the island, reading the morning newspaper. I grab some fruit and make a fruit smoothie in the blender and yell out my goodbyes for the kids, who come running up with hugs and kisses. My husband grabs the car keys to my Green Ford Escape and off we go. It is just going to be a day trip, we will back that night.

The flight was just over an hour and I land and take a taxi to the agency. I am met with smiles as we sit down and sign my 5 book deal and talk about the possibility of a television deal. He calls on his phone and secures a meeting right there and we race across town to chat with the producers. Sealed. Feeling celebratory, I go back to the airport excited about sharing the news.
Comment by Amy on March 2, 2009 at 12:55pm
Today I wake up in the Hills of Hollywood. I have coffee on my patio as I think of my day ahead and write out my affirmations. I've got a few errands to run before I head over to the sound stage. My husband had a late night gig so he's still sleeping. Little Oliver and Madam Lavender lay at my feet.

I get a phone call from a few close friends who have my best interest at hand. We have powerful conversations and bid each other a great day.

I stop by the bank on the way to the lot and deposit some money. I look at my balance and it is well over the 3 million mark. I feel safe.

I pull into the lot and they greet me by name.
Comment by Kristy Robinett on March 2, 2009 at 1:35pm
The trip to New York was very effective in securing the contracts and I am so very grateful for that. On the way home, to celebrate, I pick up dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Pulling up to the driveway of our 5 bedroom home, I notice that the lights are on in the family room. Parking the car in the clean and organized garage, hubby and I go into the house where we are greeted by the family. The kids are on their laptop computers and my dad in front of his plasma tv watching a movie. The kids come over and give me a hug and strart eating their food at the kitchen table that overlooks the family room. I tell them the good news about the book deal and television deal and they aren’t too thrilled until I tell them that we are going to go take a vacation. Off to Disney in a week where we will enjoy some sun, fun and some Mickey Mouse ears. They run to grab their cell phones and tell their friends.

I smile and grab a Diet Pepsi out of the stainless steel refrigerator and walk to the family room where I sit down on the plush teddy bear tan couch. I pull out my laptop and start journaling and answering emails. After that, I make plans to get into a nice hot bath and do some meditation.

To be continued….
Comment by Kristy Robinett on March 3, 2009 at 9:31am
The sky is a robin’s egg blue with white puffy clouds. Sitting on my deck overlooking my perennial garden, I grab the stack of mail and start going through it. I don’t mind getting the bills because I know that I have the money in the bank to pay them and that money will just be replenished anyhow. It is a wonderful and relaxing feeling. Besides for the bills, there is an envelope from my daughter who is away at college. She sounds happy and excited because she just got a part in a wonderful movie. I am so thrilled that I can help her with her goals and dreams. In the stack is also a royalty check for $150,000. I smile because I know that it is just one of many.

I grab my cell phone and text my best friends alerting them to the fact that they are invited to the cottage in Traverse City the following week and enjoy the cherry festival. Chocolate covered cherries – my favorite! I have to get that way anyhow because my Ghost Walk is about to open and I need to check that everything is ready.

My husband comes out of the house and sits down next to me. He has been writing himself and his book has been picked up by a publishing house. He is pretty happy and proud of himself, as we all are too. He was just asked to be a DJ at a radio station and although he was frightened at first, he is excited.

To be continued….
Comment by Amy on March 3, 2009 at 9:44am
This afternoon I get ready for a big awards ceremony. My makeup and hair people come to my home and we chat about the award ceremony as we prepare. I am excited just to be nominated! Im in awe that I've made it this far and we laugh about how just a year ago this was a mere dream.

On the way to the ceremony I look in the car mirror and see someone that I barely recognize. I feel such appreciation for the people i've met along the way and for my husband and family. I glitter and sparkle and my face radiates with the love and peace that is inside of me. Though there is some nervous anticipation...
Comment by Isabel Swan on March 3, 2009 at 11:19am
I am just so thankful for the love of my life. I never though it existed this way, but it does. There is so much bliss, comfort, and good discomfort. He is my friend, my healer by action, the person I have fun with. It's been years, and years, and this passion has not faded. I just love being in his pressence. His energy is a perfect match to mine. Cool.


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