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Had a wonderful day. We got up really early and went to a car and air show in Dunsfold Park in surrey. We went with our car club and it was great because we saw some old friends and had a good natter. In the morning the weather was absolutely terrible - rained really heavily. I said to a few people i was sure that at 1130am it would be sunny and dry with blue sky. Of course everyone thought i was mad - until at 1145 it coincidentally did exactly what i said!! There were lots of cars and planes and it was fun.

We also went to a friends wedding - she is girl who works in my unit at work. They are chinese background and the reception was highly extravagent and we had the most amazing 12 course meal. We were on a great table too and it turns out that most of them went to southampton university like i did. The bride wore 6 outfits during the evening and she looked absolutely stunning - especially when she wore a french renaissance style dress. They both looked so happy - the happiest people in the world i am sure. One of the guys letus change in his hotel room.

After the wedding reception we drove up to some friends in milton keynes - didnt get there til about 2am! Was really nice of them to stay up so late waiting for us.

Weighed at 15st2lb

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