The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi everyoe. So this is my day 93 and i am ecstatic. Why? Well mostly because i have cut my weight down to 13st13lb. What an achievement. I am so delighted i can barely speak.

I did a bit of exercise this morning - basically the usual. I tried on the clothes i bought when i was out yesterday and they fit well - a few are small but i knows that they will fit me very soon.

I am on a course in sunningdale amd i drove down this afternoon. The traffic was very light which was great news because iykwim took me about an hour - much less than if i went tomorrow morning.

I caught up with threepeople from my course amd had a good chinwag. They are really great guys.

Also started thinking about my season 3. I was talking to my partner about it and we may do one together.

Ate reasonably heathily today though could have been a little better. I will go to the gym where i am staying tomorrow morning.

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