The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am on my training course and so i do not have my wiifit to help me keep track of my weight. I got up this morning and went to the gym on site and did 30 mins of cross trainer plus rowing. I felt great afterwards.

I had a good breakfast of eggs on toast and an apple. I had salad at lunch and even though i had three course meal this evening i went for healthy choices and also stopped eating before i finished all the food.

I aso only had half a glass on wine. I intend to keep this ipod and to go to the gym tomorrow. I will be doing even more exercise. I know that when i return home i will be 13st 10lb. It will be a great achievement.

I know i still have more to do and what is great for me is that people on the course have noticed and commented on my weight loss.

I am almost finished reading my 7 habits book. I am looking forward to the audio cd that my friend has. I also intend to work through the practical suggestions too.

I heard back from the office that the first day of my big event went really well!!! Hurrah!

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