The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Weighed in this morning and i was just below 14 stone. So it is good that as been maintained. Again i have been pretty health with my food choices. It is good that i have been able to do that and mae good food choices a habit.

We ate tonight in a japanese restaurant called Miso. I had some chicken noodles in a soup. Reasonably healthy and i also refrained from eating all of it. I also just drank apple juice - which was a big change for me because in the past i would have had lots of beer.

Today was the last day of my big event at work. It was wonderful. Everyone has said how great the week has been. I am pleased. I have also been blessed with an amazing team who just do the right things! I will defintely be giving out some bonuses.

Met my partner susie after work and we went up to thehotel. It is only 5 mins from where she works and 20 mins for me. The hotel is conveniently only 5 mins walk from the party tomorrow night on day 98.

I cant believe that i am coming close to the end of my season 2 challenge. This hs been such an amazing one for me i have achieved so much!

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