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1) Defining my own personal sense of style. Not just my clothes. But I will also apply this to who I want to be as a person, my interests...books, music, people I hang out with. It's ongoing and it's every day, but I want to see where this leads me.

2) Work on my spirituality. What does the divine mean to me? I would define myself as a pagan and witch. But I've let both practices slide. Perhaps narrowing that down a bit further, I'm a Hedgewitch who dances to the beat of her own drum. But that dance has become a little hazy and along with many other things in my life needs a little refinement.

Now I think about it, dancing the beat of my own drum will be a guiding principle of the next 100 days, informing much of what is to come. Along with those of creativity, passion, freedom and love. I've lived my life for other people and I've tried to be what others want me to be and it frankly don't work. I intend to be who I want to be and embrace all those little quirks and foibles that make me who I am.

Where was I???? Oh yeah.

3) Work. By trade I'm a teacher. I teach literacy and numeracy. Whilst I enjoy it, what I really want to do is be a writer / poet. The areas that interest me are what could be described as romantic comedy - chicklit if you will. I love poetry too. I've got one short story that's going to be published on the net; not paid, but it's a huge deal for me as it's the first time that I've submitted something and it got accepted. I set my intention for that one and it happened. Which got me thinking. Just how far could I go if I defined what I wanted career wise and set my intentions?

Eventually I will write full-time. But I do in the meantime actually like teaching. Obviously I have to earn a living. So my intention here is to get plenty of well paid steady teaching (or other work) to pay my bills, keep a roof over my head, save for a rainy day and have some money left over. Be financially secure in other words. That will leave me free to get on with my writing and get it finished. I've already designed my front cover so it gives me something to focus on.

I'm experminenting with ways of working that leaves me mistress of my time and that I find fufilling. The keys again to this are creativity, passion and freedom.

4) Sex and sensuality. It's been a dry ol' couple of years for me regarding this. I looked after my parents until they died and other things, none of which were particularly conducive to having a relationship, or maintaining a good sex life.

I've heard it said that the most profound relationship you can have in your life is with yourself. So that's the first thing. Spending time with myself. Romancing myself if you will. If I don't love and take care of me, then how can I expect a man to? I don't need a man to complete me. But by taking care of myself and achieving what I'm setting out to do here, will go a long way to becoming the confident, sassy woman, that I know is lurking inside me.

I know what he's like. Now I just have to work on attracting him into my life.

Sensuality. I love that term, juicy. I've kinda forgotten what makes me so. Whether it's music, a piece of literature, a beautifully cooked meal, the tang that a nice glass of Merlot leaves behind on my tongue. I want to rediscover what this means to me and how I can incorporate it into my life.

5) Clear out the crap out of my life. I love stuff. But I'm a 24 karat, grade hoarder. I'm in the process of clearing a lot of my old clutter out. Be it clothes, books or whatever. A lot of it I'll give to my local charity shop. Some stuff I'll put on Ebay. I figure that by doing this I'll be getting rid of a lot of old, stale, negative energy.

6) Getting fit. I'm a tall, curvy of kind of gal. All bosoms and boobs and that's fine. That's me and I'm happy with that. But I plan to start to running, so I can get fit and hopefully flatten my tummy out a bit.
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Some day you get the bear and by God some days it damn well gets you...

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 12:57pm 0 Comments

I've just had one of the most frustrating weeks in a long time. All thanks to technology. My computer. My mouse died the other week. So I got a new one. Didn't work. Then according to my computer man, I needed a hub. Which I had a spare one floating around. Again didn't work. So it turned out it was a powered hub I needed. Have just spent the last hour trying to register at Tesco's so I can buy one and pick it up tomorrow. Won't let me on. Argos have sold out of the model I… Continue

Getting the hell out of Dodge...

Posted on August 22, 2009 at 6:28pm 0 Comments

I mentioned in a previous post that I was strongly drawn to the idea of selling up and moving on. I've lived in the area where I am currently for the last 37 out of almost 41 years. It feels tired and old.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not dissing this area. To a certain extent it feels more like home than where I'm originally from. We came here because of my father's work when I was very small. But there's nothing here for me anymore. My parents are dead; what's left of my family isn't… Continue

So I've been sat here, pondering...

Posted on August 14, 2009 at 6:13am 0 Comments

This follows on from the last post, where I said I was going back to the drawing board. Life isn't static; sometimes you have to redefine it and yourself in the process. But that's okay, even if it feels a bit shit whilst you're going through it, better that than staying put for the sake of it, I think.

It's fair to say that I've had a fairly horrible week. Yesterday left me feeling fairly battered and bruised emotionally. Again through no fault of my own. Thems is just the breaks.… Continue

Things you don't sometimes foresee...

Posted on August 11, 2009 at 5:42am 1 Comment

Have a habit of coming back at you and biting you on the ass. I've just been blindsided by some news that I never saw coming. It's to do with work. It's not terminal, but it is annoying and without going into things too deeply, I deserved to be treated in a better manner.

So what am I going to do? First off let the annoyance subside and let it go. I only hurt myself by continuing to nurse a grudge. And when trying to manifest things, won't work.

Then I'm going to go back… Continue

Tut...Notes from the Universe.

Posted on July 31, 2009 at 5:13am 1 Comment

I've subscribed to this after reading it about it over on Gala Darling's website. It's a nugget of wisdom delivered five days a week into my inbox. And strangely enough, they're often eerily on the mark.

One of the things I forget on a regular basis with manifesting what I want is, 'acting as if.' With that in mind, here's this morning's installment...

Playing make-believe, Annie, is always the start of believing.

Where shall we go today, Annie?

The… Continue

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At 9:36am on July 28, 2009, Chris said…
You're welcome. If you believe in the law of attraction (and I think that's a lot of what we strive for here) we have to take responsibility for our experiences. In some strange way we attract everything that we experience to ourselves. If we learn not to judge everything as it normally would be then we open ourselves up to learning and growing even more from the experience. They are all just signposts confirming that we are on the path we want to be on. If we don't like the signpost then we need to stop and assess where we want our path to go.
At 10:27am on May 7, 2009, Anna Oberlin Russell said…


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