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Season 1
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April 14, 2009
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I want to be happy inside without relying on anybody.

I want to heal my broken heart.

I want disappointment and regret to go away.

I would like to be successful with my music.

I want to feel good about myself and have the feeling inside that I am progressing positively in life.

I want to share my life with someone who I love, who inspires me and who will love me and care about me and want to spend time with me.

I want these things so I am a better person with a more positive happy energy inside and not just outside.
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Day 11 Season 1

Posted on April 24, 2009 at 4:11pm 0 Comments

I saw the psychiatrist today who has decided not to prescribe me antidepressants. This is positive as it means by Day 100 when i achieve my goal of happiness it will be real happiness and not drug induced! So YAY to that!

I have 2 projects to get done by tomorrow afternoon and no motivation and I really need to tidy my home so I am calling my guides for help with this! I need a miracle! So much to do but I am in bed feeling like a dead weight! the music projects are very important… Continue

Day 10 Season 1

Posted on April 22, 2009 at 9:48pm 0 Comments


I am having treatment in the special recovery unit and I am very lucky to be work with a very lovely and spiritual lady.

We are working through self esteem workbooks and trying to get rid of my negative core beliefs.

My special person is being quite supportive but he is challenging the theories of my treatment. He upset me the other night and I ended up taking more of y medication than I should have. He came round because he was concerned and we had a night… Continue

day 4 Season 1

Posted on April 17, 2009 at 1:39pm 1 Comment

Well I am moving forward in my quest for happiness and inner love and self esteem.

I have accepted that there are issues I need to address and I have started on the slow and long path to fulfilling my wishes.

I am very tired today having been to the special crisis recovery unit which manifested from my Day 2 weird experience.

I have been with an occupational therapist who is a lovely lady. I unearthed a lot of past unresolved grief in an hour long conversation… Continue

Day 2 - 15th April an unexpected turn

Posted on April 16, 2009 at 10:30am 2 Comments

Ok so after my great day 1 it was late in the night and I got into a conversation online with the special person who has caused me great heartache by choosing to be single.

After a difficult conversation my feelings were so overwhelming I began contemplating suicide. This has been a tendency of mine for many years initiated by a bad childhood experience which subsequently led to years of low self esteem and occasional drug abuse.

I realised that feeling this way was not an… Continue

my first day!

Posted on April 14, 2009 at 4:59pm 0 Comments

So, here goes my first day which will lead me on a journey until 22nd July!

At the moment I am very sad and confused due to a relationship breaking down. I am in a lot of pain and finding it difficult to make room for other feelings. I really want to move from this head space and by 22nd July I hope to be more in control of my feelings and to not have negative thoughts! I am a very positive person usually but this relationship with a very special person has kind of twisted my head… Continue

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At 6:33am on April 27, 2009, Jasmin Apolant said…
hi there love, wow, your intentions and goals speak right out of my heart and soul!! i don t know u ,but reading day 11 as a first thing, touches me and if i where ur friend i would say: i am poud of u! i have had a friend (exboyfriend) of mine that suddenly took phamaceutic product in this direction .i was shocked! yours and everyoneelse spirit is strong and selfhealing! YES!!
i have registered her maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago,and i feels so touched by this community...though i haven t started my 100days yet! tell me are u making videos or only appreciate support or inspiration.great joy to u.and yes i would like to invite u as a friend. J*
At 11:54am on April 26, 2009, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 2:05am on April 15, 2009, Aura said…
What a beautiful soul I sense you are, Bronwen!
Remember that the love you feel/have felt for that special person comes from You, is inside of you, and you can give it to whomever you please, including someone who would cherish it and treasure it for the incredible gift that it is.

And though it may not seem so at this moment, you may ultimately find yourself the happiest with someone who would encourage your dreams and celebrate your triumphs with you, rather than try to discourage you from special opportunities.

May your heart heal beautifully in right timing. I know how real the pain is and how great the longing.... Be true to yourself, take care of yourself. Love never goes out unfulfilled, so all the love you have felt/feel still toward that special person, will return to you in other ways, perhaps from other people, but flow to you like a magnet nonetheless.

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