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"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right." -- Henry Ford

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I own a small business, teaching swimming full-time; my husband & I just got married in September and I feel blessed to be with the love of my life ; enjoy the outdoors immensely (hiking, climbing, mt biking, open-water swimming), as well as nurturing a connection to the Divine. Love reading books on psychic and intuitive development from authors like Sonia Choquette, Laura Day, and Elizabeth Harper. Love teaching and working with kids!
Season 2
Starting Date:
December 1, 2010
Intentions & Goals:
1.) I am living a life of prosperity and abundance, in mind, body, spirit, and

2.) I have a spiritual mentor and a supportive spiritual community

3.) I am nurturing my relationships and friendships
Vision Board, Journalography (Video Journal), Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Brainstorming, Take 100% responsibility for my life
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Healing power of hugs/massage/loving touch

Posted on February 16, 2009 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

Here's a question for you: why do cats and dogs love being petted so much?

Well, it shouldn't be a huge mystery to us humans if any of y'all have a gotten a wonderful massage or just a great, long, enveloping hug-- doesn't it feel fantastic? :D Of course, you can see that even being the one giving the massage-- in the case of petting your animal companion-- you still feel pretty good. It's just so darn soothing, isn't it?

My family is pretty comfortable with affection and… Continue

Day 31, Season 1: Gratitude for Love in My Life and a Little Poem

Posted on February 14, 2009 at 3:30pm 1 Comment

This being Valentine's Day, I can't help but reflect on how much love I have in my life. I am so happy and grateful to have met my boyfriend Rich and to be sharing our lives together. We have a very close, caring relationship and that is something I didn't have previous to meeting him a year and a half ago. Before meeting Rich, I had a series of short-lived relationships (if you can even call them that) with guys who just didn't seem to appreciate me. Honestly, I think that I attracted that… Continue

Looking For Love, Ladies? Check out this website that helped me shift my perspective and attract a wonderful relationship!

Posted on February 14, 2009 at 2:30pm 1 Comment

Hey y'all! Thought I would re-post this in honor of Valentine's Day....

Well, I just finished reading someone's blog about looking to attract a loving relationship into her life and feeling frustrated with it. So I was inspired to write this post and share a resource that helped me immensely. I have to say, in my past I could definitely relate to this: You're good looking, intelligent, funny, and interesting and yet... you can't seem to find the right guy! "What's wrong with me?" I… Continue

Being Real and Honest: Facing Struggles on the Path of Self Improvement

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 4:30pm 6 Comments

In the beginning of many new projects, plans, or resolutions there's often a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and optimism-- there's the promise of that which is yet to be accomplished and there's something magical about those first few days. But let's face it: we have bad days (or weeks!) and negativity creeps in. And that spark of magic can begin to fade when we start running into obstacles and struggle. Perhaps our enthusiasm begins to wane. Where does this leave us? This-- the point… Continue

How I'm dealing with doubts and jitters about starting the Challenge-- Synchronicity Awareness!

Posted on January 16, 2009 at 11:30am 3 Comments

Well, the Challenge is finally here and I'm ready to get rolling... Made my vision board, blogged a bit, reading my inspirational books, re-watched "The Secret", and did my first vlog, so I'm on my way!

But I have to admit: I'm a little intimidated. There's something very bold and audacious about deliberately stating goals and intentions publicly and it makes me think about the "what if's" of perhaps not achieving what I set out for. However, I really have to banish those negative… Continue

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At 7:30am on May 2, 2009, Mariposa said…
Dear Cari,

I'm just dropping in to wish you a wonderful day.

I hope you are doing well and that everything is getting into right place for you.

All the best to you. Take care

At 10:41pm on February 24, 2009, Shannon said…
Hi Cari,

Florida looks awesome! I hope you are enjoying your break from the cold. My first season is going by so quickly. I feel that I am growing tremendously. I don't know if I have kept up with all my intentions, but I definitely feel a major shift :) Next season I intend to blog more, this season has been about reading. I have just been absorbing everything spiritual/development I can get
my hands on. I see in your profile that you love Sonia Choquette. I love her big time, and have been tearing through her books. I have a appointment for a reading with her next Tuesday. I am really excited, and nervous at the same time! I will have to let you know how it goes.

Love and Light.
At 1:03pm on February 10, 2009, AUDREY said…
Hi Cari, I enjoy reading your blogs and the style you write them in! xx
At 4:41pm on February 8, 2009, Ryan James said…
Hey Cari!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! It definately inspires me to keep on sharing and I have some big ideas for ALOT more videos which I am hoping to be sharing with you soon! What kind of books or stories do you write? Tell me everything! lol

Ryan James :o)
At 7:10am on February 2, 2009, Camilla said…
No problemo, I enjoyed it :)
At 11:31pm on January 30, 2009, JR said…
It's a new day is by Black Eye Pea, Isn't it awesome! I am dancing to it right now!
At 5:19am on January 29, 2009, Lil Miss Starlight said…
Hi Cari, nice to be friends! I saw your latest clip & I think you are doing really well! Your rock-climbing gym looks like so much fun!
Oh, I'm doing weight Watchers too. I only started 4 weeks ago. I find that the tracking really helps a lot (when I do it honestly - ha ha ha) (not had a good week last week)
Anyway good luck in all your ventures and changes that you are manifesting!
Love, Sanya xxx
At 8:49am on January 22, 2009, Shannon said…
Hi Cari,
The Hay House URL is It is awesome! I love Sonia Choquette too! I was thinking about joining her Hearts Desire program. I am a graphic designer, but I am looking to make a big leap professionally so I thought it would help. Can't wait to chat!
At 2:55am on January 22, 2009, Astrid said…
thank you so much:)

i will be brave
At 3:29am on January 16, 2009, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Cari
Thank you for being friends on here....wishing you all that you have intended for your 1st season. Hey, I like your vision board on your pics!

Happy manifesting


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