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Carol Watson
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Day 1 - Season 15 February 16, 2013 to May 27, 2013 This season is going to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Relationship Status:
About Me:
I am the creator of my life! As I change my thoughts and make new choices my life changes and becomes even more magnificent. Time to choose again what I want now. Time to go within and discover who I truly am. Season 13 has been an extreme transformation in my mindset and clarity, and finished on a high note. I am really looking for even more dramatic changes in my life this Season 14.
Season 15
Starting Date:
February 16, 2013
Intentions & Goals:
1. To be a healthy, fit and firm size 6.
2. Move back to my Canadian Home with Finnigan in the next 3 months.
3. To know myself better and what brings me joy.
4. To Live my passion and life purpose and share it with others all around the world.
5. To send my group spiral healing meditation around the world for everyone.
6. To experience more love and joy in each day.
7. To be easy, kind and compassionate with myself. To be at peace with myself and find my personal value.
8. To Forgive and live a life filled with gratitude.
9. To travel and vacation to two countries I have never vistited before all inclusive and all expenses paid.
10. To be a lighthouse shining my light into the world. A light filled with love, healing and support for myself and others along my path to uplift us all.
11. To open my heart to love again and enter into a romantic relationship with a wonderful man.
12. To expand my wonderful new business that inspires me and assists others to start living their dream life.
13. To receive 3 new monthly paying clients each week that love working with me as much as I enjoy working with them.
Vision Board, Journalography (Video Journal), Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars, Getting coaching, Brainstorming, Masterminding, Take 100% responsibility for my life, More
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Season 11 - Day 1 - Starts today 11-11-11 at 11:11am GMT - The Gateway To My Dream Life!

Posted on November 11, 2011 at 11:00am 1 Comment

I can't even start to explain all that has gone on over the past 2 years. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but I have also undergone the most amazing shifts and transformations. I may not have communicated and shared the road I have been on, but I always felt the anchor of love and support that this tremendous group has and holds for us all. When an amazing group of like minded people come together with the intention of being of service to others and supporting one…


Day 1, Season 8 Time to shift into a higher vibration!

Posted on October 21, 2010 at 5:26pm 2 Comments

Hi All

Welcome to Day 1 of Season 8. I am so looking forward to the fabulous new experiences and opportunities that will be coming to me. I feel my energy shift with each passing moment. The doorway has been opened to Season 8 and I am walking through into my new future now. Namaste Carol

Day100, Season 7 - The end of Season 7

Posted on October 4, 2010 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Hi All

It has been a true learning and shifting experience this last 100 days. It amazes me how much I have shifted this last season in ways I never expected or even thought I needed to shift. But nontheless the shift has been completed. I am looking forward to Season 8 and the new experiences and opportunities it will bring. Thank you all for being the lighthouse in the storm. I may not always be here daily, but the beacon you shine guides my way home. Thank you Season 7 and thank…


Day 2 of My Massive Change Challenge

Posted on September 10, 2010 at 9:22am 0 Comments

Hi All,

Well yesterday went well. I managed to get the carpeting removed from my second bedroom so I can start painting the trim. Have cleared out the 3rd bedroom into the 2nd bedroom so I can start painting today and hopefully get it finished by tomorrow. 5 Bags of items have gone to a local charity. A full carload ready to go to the tip to get it out of the house, planned on taking it this morning but it is pouring rain outside. Carpeting being shipped next week. Put out to the…


Day 1 of My Massive Change Challenge

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 5:49am 1 Comment

Hi All,

I missed the original start, so I am making today Sepetember 9 the start of my 30 Day Massive Change Challenge. So here goes:

1. I want to all the necessary painting and decorating work done on my house to get it listed for sale by the end of the challenge. Along the way I will uncover and become aware of my self sabotage and procrastination that has prolonged the completion of the work the past 8 weeks.

2. To finally get my website up and running once and…


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At 7:58pm on December 7, 2011, Faith said…

Hey Lady!

This is a very belated thank you for your kind invites to hear your broadcasts.  Kudos to you!  I was able to check out the program a couple of times and enjoyed myself.  I also tried your meditation as well.  I enjoyed that as well.

I've been up to life and breaking all the rules to my own seeming demise!  It's a bit of Thelma and Louise without all the violence.  I just wrote a blog about not playing it safe and mentioned you in a round about way.  I hope you will read it and give me feedback.

XX and Many Blessings,

The lady with the pink bunny slippers

At 3:45am on November 14, 2011, Faith said…

Wo baby, what a wild ride!  I just finished three beers that have been sitting in the fridge for about that many years and watched Eat, Pray, Love again complete with tissues.  My own meditations will have to wait until tomorrow/ later on today.  I picture a dam that is breaking with the combination of all the necessary purging coupled with the light.  I yearn and yearn and yearn but the trick is to get into a quieter space.  Boy, but when that dam gives way, Holy Cow, get outta the way!  But I give thanks for even this, this is what I signed up for.  What WAS I thinking????  Always, always with Infinite Love and Gratitude!


At 11:31pm on November 13, 2011, Faith said…

Yes, Infinite Love and Gratitude always.  You may have bunny slippers in any color you wish.  I'm looking forward to the bus ride with amazing vistas and uplifting conversations.  Hold me in the light.  I've been rereading Florence Scovel Shinn again who says sometimes what is needed is for another to hold the vision when you waiver.  That's at the crux of why I joined the Challenge so abruptly.  I believe with every fiber of my being in the truth of what we're all seeing now with the change but...  I know I'm not alone on what it feels like to release the old stuff so we can fill up with more light.  Doing the spiritual work is like taking Ipecac and Metamucil.  So you know you're committed to purging the old stuff out but the process can be pretty unpleasant.  You're faced with the spiritual vomit of old belief systems and begin to doubt you'll ever get past it.

So hold me in the light and I'll repay you with mountains of bunny slippers and tubes of mascara.  I'm a great friend and I am a blast to be around!  Just having those Ascension  Symptoms in the midst of trying to create an amazing life for myself.  I'm riding the wave!


At 2:05am on November 13, 2011, Faith said…

I saw a great little hand bag in a local shop a while ago.  It had writing on it that said, "In Case of Emergency Apply Mascara First Before Helping Others".  What a hoot!  So you must be the chick with the mascara and I'm the one with bunny slippers.  Thanks for offering the seat!  (I think I owe you bus fare).  I feel a great friendship forming!:-)


At 8:22pm on November 12, 2011, Faith said…

Hi Carol,

Yes, I feel very lucky indeed!  I can see that tapping into this amazing energy is inspired!  Funny my blog, which I will recreate at some point, was more a welcome to the group an expression of my desire to give and receive support.  I've been doing a bit of a spiritual feeding frenzy and know I'm burning up with the need to do something that is yet undefined.  Joining the Challenge was a bit like chasing a bus down the street, clambering on and, finding you've left your money at home and you're wearing bunny slippers!  =:-O  So now I'm feeling a bit ill-prepared and disoriented in face of the technical challenges I'm facing but, thank God, I immediately found a kind soul who made it worth while.  Many thanks!  Faith





At 7:06pm on November 12, 2011, Jesse Laslade said…

How do I listen to your radio shows?? 

At 5:29pm on November 12, 2011, Runa said…

Hi Carol!! You are so right about the fantastic effect you get from a video in outer cyberspace!!! I guess what I am most concerned about is if someone I knew from little Norway would find my videos online. Therefore I am not sure about the content in my videos. If I mention other people, friends ore family, someone might be offended or hurt.

Hmmm..I have to think some more about this video project.

Very nice to hear from you!!! Love, Runa :-)

At 3:04pm on November 12, 2011, Kelly said…

Thank you for extending your friendship. I hope to encourage and be encouraged by your current and past seasons experience. 

At 2:56am on November 12, 2011, Runa said…

Hi Carol!! Thanks for sending me a friend request!!! Looking forward to getting to know you !! Love, Runa :-)

At 2:47am on November 12, 2011, Faith said…

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your offer of friendship!  How sweet!  You are my first friend so far.  Would you believe a put together an awesome blog the other night?  I spent quite some time on it, gave it a really catchy title, pressed "Post" and saw it in full glory only to find it had disappeared into cyberspace when I checked later?!  Guess I'm still learning the ropes.


Many blessings,



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