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53 yr. old single woman empty nester with SLE since 17 yrs old who has taken prednisone and has Type II Diabetes. Need to get 50 lbs off and be active and productive. Need to finish education for PhD in Metaphysics. Am super excited about new entrepreneurial partnership with brother on "family business". Love Eckhart Tolle and philosophy and am Spiritual but not Religious. I watch only classic old movies (usually TCM) but enjoy all types of music, theater, dance and comedy.
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At 5:36pm on April 6, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 12:52pm on March 23, 2008, Angela Hernandez said…

At 7:24pm on March 13, 2008, Tracey said…
Thank you Catherine for sharing this information. I really needed to read it and I am very appreciative of you. Thank you again and have a great and amazing day.
At 3:24pm on March 10, 2008, Shyone4444 said…
Hi Catherine~
I just wanted to stop by and let you know how inspiring I find your words. I appreciate you sharing them with all of us!
At 11:28am on March 10, 2008, Catherine M Cadieux said…
Class #5
This is worth spending time meditating, resting with & thinking about. If you are in a chaotic lifestyle, this says something about how you view the world, how you are internally. If you are in chaos within, there is no way for your external life to be peace centered. Our life is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Get the macros in tune and the micros follow suit. It flows, it follows. Right-action, right thoughts, meditation, what you attach to are all clues to where you are internally. There are challenges every day but really, how important are they in the long run? What was your biggest challenge 25 years ago?? What will it be in 25 years?
Look, the past does not exist and has no power over you. The past has no power over me. The future does not exist. There is no power in the future. What you do have is the now and what you choose, THIS MOMENT, is all you have and all that matters. The moment is manageable. The past is not, the future is not. Now is manageable. Choose to have control over your thoughts, over the committee in your head that tends to feed you negative diatribe. That is the old paradigm. From now on you just chuckle a little and remind Yourself, the new paradigm is the REALITY of Who you really are, the energy of the Universe in person form, for just a nano-second in the space-time continuum!!
You are not going to get prosperity, you are not going to have prosperity, you don't have to work like a dog the rest of your life to be prosperous - YOU ARE PROSPERITY, YOU ARE ALL THAT IS IN HUMAN FORM, for a nano-second. Then we get to move to a new adventure! Prosperity consciousness boils down to one Truth: The realization of God as your Source of all good. This is God's Divine Plan for You. That you be a Child of The Universe fully entitled to all that is. It is all yours as soon as your mind begins to accept that it is all yours. Don't fight your mind/ego. Laugh at it. Make this a fun venture. See how far you can take it. How much you can do, what you can and do create. Be as creative as possible with as much passion as possible. Forget the race consciousness that tells you you must work like a dog until the day you die to get by!! WRONG! You only need to shift your consciousness to the RIGHT action belief of all is a gift from the Universe to You! Accept this gracious awe inspiring gift. It is yours. The consciousness and all that goes with it. With right action comes the responsibility of refusing to tolerate anything less than harmony. Prosperity will follow. Align your thoughts and consciousness with that of the Universe and the Universe will gift you with it's prosperity. Your attitude of gratitude can expand infinitely. You expand infinitely. Prosperity expands infinitely. What you choose to focus on is what will expand in your life. Do NOT focus on fear. Literally laugh in the face of fear. The opposite of fear is faith. If you become afraid, simply chuckle and respond, "I have no fear-I have faith! Faith in my Self, faith in the Universe, and faith in the process of Life." Faith is the opposite of fear.
How important is recycling to you? We all know we all need to be proactive at recycling. Here's Philosophical Recycling 101: Every negative thought (trash) must be recycled into a positive affirmation to be utilized at the time of an emerging fear, then use very consistently to prevent fear from returning. Once broken glass, which has the POTENTIAL to destroy, is turned into beautiful glass, its potential to destroy is gone. Alchemy is what we are talking about. Changing thought patterns, recycling the old negative ideas into positive nurturing Love of all. Love must be returned. Consistently, even constantly, Love all You are, all the Universe has created for You, even the seeming little problems for they are how we learn ourselves and when we know ourselves we know God.
Aum namo shivaya, Shiva aum nama.
At 7:22am on March 10, 2008, SunSurfer said…
Cath, Check out my Real Estate Wealth And Prosperity Group. Talk to you soon.

At 4:49am on March 10, 2008, SunSurfer said…
Hey Sis, whatsup! I believe your class will become a world-wide best seller by next year! Call ya tomorrow!

At 4:20pm on March 9, 2008, Catherine M Cadieux said…
Class #4
In the Spirit of "The Good of The Whole Begins With The Good of The Individual", we say together: "MY CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD as MY SUPPLY is MY SUPPLY"
Meditations on the above quote are what led me to prosperity consciousness. The more prosperous I become, the greater my ability to do more for the planet, which is my ultimate goal. It's not about the old paradigm of getting or having, of keeping up with the Joneses, a prevalent race consciousness in the '50's. It's all about knowing the flow. Getting into the consciousness "boat" and flowing down the river of doing unto others. Without the proper resources to connect with others I cannot be of service to myself or them. Now, in the prosperity consciousness, in the spirit of the good of the whole begins with the good of the individual, prosperity is the gift that, well, at the risk of sounding trite, just keeps on giving!
There is no lack in your life. There is no lack on the
planet. There is, however, a consciousness of lack by some. Focus on, shift your consciousness to, the all-sufficiency thinking. The quickest route to this consciousness is thru right-action. My favorite commercial right now (and I am notorious for hating commercials) is the ALLSTATE guy who tells us we need to "start treating people less like they are in our way and more like they are in our homes." Try it! Experiment with treating people better, seeing the good in all, believing in your ability to create your own destiny, your own reality, your true inheritance, your prosperity.
Right action: thoughts of harmlessness, words of encouragement, actions of love, feelings of joy and bliss and gratitude. Fear constricts ladies, and gentlemen. Fear constricts! Do not let your fear of lack constrict the conduit through which your prosperity flows, your mind. There is no lack in You. Just as fear constricts, I'm sure you've experienced that tightening feeling in your body when you're afraid, LOVE OPENS! Isn't that exciting? Fear is not real, it only FEELS real. Nothing I've been AFRAID was going to happen has ever happened and being afraid of it certainly does nothing to stop it, whatever it is. An attitude of gratitude is my favorite expression. Along with that are meditation (which I teach also), visualization, intense Love, joyful thanksgiving, verbal harmlessness, setting the intention or purpose of cultivating your energy field for the harvest of money.
If you've had some major traumas in your life that have been difficult to move past, and would like some help, contact me and we can overcome those hurdles together first. There is no place for negative thoughts in your life other than to serve as a reminder to you that all is well. CONSCIOUSNESS! Watch what you attach your thoughts to. When you catch yourself attached to a negative thought, for me, the most effective way beyond that quagmire is joy. Example: "Those bills aren't going to pay themselves. Do I have the money?" (MY chest got tight just pretend saying that!) I SMILE, a big fat grin, then breathe deep, r e l a x, and chuckle and say to myself, "I am SO grateful for the opportunity to pay all these bill and I am soooooo glad I now have the ability to do it!" The opposite positive affirmation thought always follows the fear thought. Begin to thank the Universe and Yourself for everything. All of life is valid, all of You is valid. The fear will not go away immediately but it will become replaced with the Spirit of an attitude of gratitude when worked with regularly. It is fun! Watch your Self. Watch your attitudes, your words, thoughts, reactions. Begin replacing your old paradigms with new positive conscious right-action paradigms and feel the magic. And so it is, so be it!
At 5:54am on March 9, 2008, Catherine M Cadieux said…
What we are doing is gently shifting our consciousness from a thought-system that has believed in the race consciousness of lack. There APPEARS to be lack for those who have no right memory of how completely and utterly full the Universe is! This shift in consciousness is important for all. Not just for us who wold like to have more and do more. The good of the whole begins with the good of the individual. Reality is when we realize how truly magnificently wealthy we really are, the entire race consciousness is elevated.
When you live in the vibration of prosperity, you ARE prosperity.
As a mother is the conduit for the continuation of the existence of the species, so too are we conduit for the wealth of the Universe. There is no discrimination with this realm. ALL are equally entitled to ALL. Practice this mentality throughout your day. This isn't a denial of the reality of lack. This is a reawakening to the fact that we have known in Spirit and have forgotten due to race consciousness. Focus on the wealth of the Universe, of what there IS instead of what you have not. Be passionate about your wealth as opposed to frightened about your lack or possibility of lack.
You ARE the Spirit of Infinite Plenty individualized as You ARE the unending Energy of God expressed as Abundance. Be open to the limitlessness of Your Universe!
At 11:14pm on March 8, 2008, Laura Duksta said…
You my friend are awesome! Thanks for the amazing posts! I have been working wih another group called we-empower and I am doing my best to open their minds to the idea that you don't want to fight poverty, hunger, etc. That all that comes from a disillusion of the truth...that we live in an abundant and limitless Universe and people have just forgotten this and keep recreating it through or collective thoughts and actions. I am so committed to being a part of the awakening of humanity to our spectacular Divinity!!! Shine on Sister!

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