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I live in a small fishing village and work in the oil and gas industry for my day job. I started a business several years ago and will grow it to become a Multi-Billion dollar business. I have set as pretty big goal, yet I have a vision, my passion is strong but needs a kick in the ass at times, and I like to believe that I have a strong desire to achieve this goal, yet I will be happy with a few million. Not really, for I have so much that I want to do with the money raised in my business.

I’m here to start my life over, in the right direction, in the direction where I get to choose the path. I’m already seeing direct and indirect positive changes in my direction, yet I need to get more focus, and not procrastinate so much or that what I feel like. Things don’t seem to be happening fast enough for me. I have also learned that it takes time for the laws to work, and one can not rush things. Which puts me in a dilemma, as to what is actually happening, am I expecting too much for change to happen faster, or not allowing enough time for change to happen?

I guess that is me, confused!! LOL Did I say I was Gemini. :)
Season 1
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November 1, 2008
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The Big Goal :)

Meditation Clock COOOOL

With all that is happening in my life, which at times seems like nothing, I just want to set a goal of getting through my first 100 days. It seems that I have difficult just trying to obtain consistence in my life. With all the self help information out there it difficult to know what the best path to take is. So I’m going to take it slow and easy for this first season.

My Goals
1. I will lose 36lbs to bring me to my ideal weight of 176lbs. I believe I will also lose 4 inches of my waist.
2. I will be able to meditate for 30 minutes a day, each and every day. 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening.
3. I will write my perfect day, week, month, year and life. Also I will write down my perfect day, week, month, year and life, as a friend, loving husband, and wonderful father.
4. I will improve on my social skills, to be more open, and friendly, so that I can attract more positive people into my life. I will make three new friends.
5. Financially I want to triple my current sales in the business. Need to get organized as to what is coming in and going out.
6. I need to be more organized with my daily routine, in my home and office. My daily routine will be to wake, exercise, say my gratitude’s, shower, meditate, visualize, organize the day tasks, eat and take action. I will finish the day with a self check, visualization, meditation, say my gratitude’s, and dream :)
Vision Board, Journalography (Video Journal), Gratitude Journal, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars, Getting coaching, Masterminding, Take 100% responsibility for my life, More
Professional Website

Zeitgeist Movie

"A Must Watch Movie"
Not sure where to actually put this so I leaving it here for now. It a differet look at the world and how we all can be living. I hope to actually see this one day, and I know now what I will be doing with my Billions :)

Craig G. Lewis's Blog

To a New Beginning

Posted on January 9, 2009 at 9:32am 2 Comments

It is amazing to see and visit other people bio’s here, and it is very inspirational. In one sense I envy you and in others I want to follow in your footsteps and enjoy the wonderful life that you have created for yourselves. Maybe that is why I’m taking this trip that I am an now on.

Over the holiday I had a life changing experience that I did not even know about for I black out and slip on some, fell, bang my head and passed out. I was outside for about 30 minutes before someone… Continue

Meditation Clock

Posted on January 3, 2009 at 6:41pm 1 Comment

Thy this link for when you want to meditate :)

Day 24 for Craig :)

Posted on November 24, 2008 at 8:22pm 1 Comment

Well I still here or back really for I laps for a few days and had a few nights out with friends, partying. It was over a week that I said that I would stop smoking and drinking yet it seems that I’m actually doing more of it?

So this Thursday I will have to do something else then got play pool. I have to change my routine so I have start a small hobby and I hope to fill my time developing a Hydro gas or water motor, to be used in cars. There are some very interesting processes out… Continue

Craig's Day 1 of 100 Season 1 :)

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 2:49am 0 Comments

Hello All,

Well I guess this is where I tell the world how my first day went. Well I must say that it was a good day :)

I set my Goals.

1. I will lose 36lbs to bring me to my ideal weight of 176lbs. I believe I will also lose 4 inches of my waist.

2. I will be able to meditate for 30 minutes a day, each and every day. 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening.

3. I will write my perfect day, week, month, year and life. Also I will write down my… Continue

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At 8:32am on January 22, 2009, Astrid said…
:) You have some good goals!
At 9:59pm on January 17, 2009, Shaman Kanowa said…
Hey Craig. I had some trouble myself keeping with the program so I am now staritng all over again. I have to say it really inspires me to see you going forth on this journey still. I am glad to see your business is improving and I hope your life keeps getting better and better!
At 1:26pm on January 2, 2009, Aussiegirl said…
Hi Craig!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate you sending me messages. It really keeps me on track to get support from people like you! I haven't posted in a while because I was very busy over these past holidays. Now, I'll have some time to focus on getting more involved with my 100 days. I've just learned so much information about different ways to manisfest and meditation, etc. that is is difficult to do it all in one day!

I hope you had an awesome New Year!! I look forward to chatting with you more as we begin 2009!!

Keep up the great and positive mind set you have!!
At 9:09am on November 27, 2008, Sandy Grason said…
Hey Craig- here are the links you asked for. sorry it took so long, been traveling alot lately and out of touch :-) xoxo Sandy VisionBoard Pt1 VisionBoard Pt2
At 12:37pm on November 17, 2008, Carolyn Campbell said…
Hello Hello Craig! Thanks for your lovely post. I am mulling over ideas for the group I've created ... and welcome any suggestions on topics or ideas! Ex Navy - wow. I just wrote a blog post as to manifestions occuring before one's start date, so that is pretty much how I've started my day .... just appreciating all of it.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for your response!
At 11:24pm on November 14, 2008, Carolyn Campbell said…
Hello Craig: I am new to this site and my start date is December 1 08. I hope that I have as much positivity as you do! I 've also started a group called "Canadian group" (couldn't think of anything more creative at the time so any suggestions are welcome!). I'd love to hear how you're going, and if you would like to join the group, I'd love that! I'd love to have the group (once I get a few members in there!) to perhaps meet up somewhere down the line and share our journeys and stories. So I hope to hear from you , and I'll be sure to check in to see you're your going ...! and wish me luck on December 1!
At 10:48pm on November 6, 2008, Vibe Williams said…
My hubby is a Gemini:) Thanks for sharing your love..I love sharing and it sure does make me happy and positive..I think you should not worry about time..Live each day in that moment..You feel me? Then when tomorrow arrives live that day to the fullest also. This may sound funny but hey..It's a good site that helps you learn organizational skills sooo... http:/ It helped me out and I have been doing good for 2 Seasons*_* Ahhh right..The movie..(zeitgeist) Still getting around to watching that..I'll let you know..Peace and Love..
At 2:57pm on November 6, 2008, Sarah said…
Hey Craig,

that clock just shows how motivated you are and how serious you take the challenge! Great! Good luck and I can´t wait to read more of your challenge! Sarah
At 2:52pm on November 2, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 10:15pm on November 1, 2008, Lucero de los Angeles said…
I think you did it!!!! I love the counters...hope you´re doing fine!!!!

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