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A natural positive thinker with thanks to the money magnet jingle and youtubes positive affirmation sites has retuned my frequency to ++++++ $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Experienced in almost every aspect of business, and most of my life I have helped businesses expand and be successful.

Right now I am setting my affirmations towards prosperity, positive thinking and universal law of attraction and being connected to my primary source God.
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CHALLENGE/ My Challenge is to have a Corporation sponsor me by providing the BEST Laptop and CAMCORDER in the UNIVERSE!

I made a "MONEY" vision board, well, I purchased a canvas and instead of using the canvas side I am using the wrong side where the wooden stretchers show. This is my frame. I went to the dollar $ store and picked up kids play money which also had play gold coins and silver coins. I used the hundred dollar bills as the outline and glued it to the wooden stretcher frame. I then spread the coins around the frame and glued that onto the bills. In the center where the canvas is I picked up bright cellophane purple and the reverse is shimering silver and glued that to the canvas base. I then cut out phrases from magazines and picked up positive stickers. I also have some new cars pasted too. I picked up an artificial flower and glued that to one corner of the frame. This is what I look at each morning when I wake up and eventually I will add more pictures. Also, I may do a Money Magnet vision board per challenge!The 30 Million Dollar bill really stands out!


I am still thinking of a one hundred day challenge to post. On a daily basis I have a concern over economy and will attend the Ron Paul Revolution March, Washington, D.C.; July 12, 2008. I think that it is important to support the Constitution, Freedom and Liberty. I signed up for information and it appears that this even is going to have bands and guest speakers. Transportation is also available. At this point in my life it is important for me to be there for the kids and to exercise my rights as a citizen.

Recently I was laid off from a temporary position and seeking employment, again. It has only been several jobs that I held in a years span and the third time this year that I had to file for unemployment. On the bright side the unemployment will help. I have also been educating myself on what is really happening economically in the world and find the information to be positive - that is positive in knowing the truth and not waiting for the t.v. to dictate what information I should believe to be true. So these things are on my mind, therefore, I cannot even post a to do list because of being overwhelmed with information.

The food additives really gets to me. And whenever I go to a grocery store, I am reading all of the labels.. And it is very discouraging that I could not find anything that I could eat. The t.v. commercials for food products even makes me ill. And to think that kids today know more about McDonalds than they do their Creator is equally insane. Now that I have a better understanding of the human side in society, I will balance it out with a bit more postiive and spiritual.

Peace, Happiness, and have a lovely wealthy day!


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We Do Need Change

Posted on April 27, 2008 at 8:45pm 2 Comments

It amazed me when I spotted this video on the important work that is set before us all on thinking about abundance in consuming spirituality instead of just material consumerism. A New Earth is beginning, in the… Continue

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At 6:13am on May 28, 2008, Money Magnet Elizabeth /NY & NJ said…
Thank you Gramman Shirah, that sounds like a GREAT picture of the woman with the money load in a wheelbarrow. Sounds like my kind of wheelbarrow. Thank you for your kind thoughts.
At 9:45am on May 24, 2008, Shirah Penn said…
Hi Elizabeth, Your vision board sounds amazing. You are very creative as well as all your other qualities. I have a picture on my vision board of a woman wheeling in a wheelbarrow filled to the brim with money. I am collecting real 100.00 bills that I am saving. So far I have 5. I feel abundant with so much money! Love Gramma Shirah
At 10:02pm on April 26, 2008, Yasmin Al Amira said…
Thank you Elizabeth for leaving me a comment. Reading your perspective to the situation helps me tonnes. Happy abundant manifestations to you dear. xx
At 9:48pm on April 22, 2008, Frecia said…
Thank you for your comment:) I'm grateful for the many amazing blessings God has given me and I pray you may be fullfilled every day of your life. Blessings!
At 12:21am on April 2, 2008, Nicole Orozco said…

I want the entire package too. I was curious to your thoughts on the EU and the WTO. I want it all and I think it is time for all of us to know we do deserve the whole package and we can love along the way!


At 11:21pm on March 31, 2008, Nicole Orozco said…
I am a magnet for divine prosperity....Elizabeth thank you for sharing the video's and I believe "A New Earth" is a literary masterpiece too!


At 8:35pm on March 30, 2008, monstersounddj said…
YEA!!!and yea, u can pick up a cam at uer local waltmart, they are only less than 20 dollars,i got minef or sale at 14 dolars!! but yes u are right, start eith what we have, my cam doesnt work,so immastart without one too, for the first week,
im going to check out your collection of videos, i too began to collect some, ... 3 so far!! lol, i had a big colllection, but lost the password.
well have a great day!!!!
At 7:29pm on March 30, 2008, Shirah Penn said…
Hi Elizabeth, Did you ever send me your address so I can send you the books? Do you know the affirmation, God is my unfailing supply, large sums of money come to me in perfect ways ,under Grace. Love Gramma Shirah
At 8:51am on March 29, 2008, Money Magnet Elizabeth /NY & NJ said…
MoneyMagnetElizabeth is on youtube.

Enjoy my selection of great videos on meditation . . .
At 7:10pm on March 17, 2008, Money Magnet Elizabeth /NY & NJ said…
Everyone is striving for the same, in work, at home, living, health, wealth . . . And this group is great. I just came in from work and it is so nice to see the messages from positive people and sharing challenges. I hope to be getting a photo up soon. So far I have been working on my sisters computer, the monitor fades in and out to solid red. I have a mac and she has a pc. Anyway, we all make use of the tools that we have and keep on going...

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