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It's Complicated
About Me:
My feet are on the ground but my head is definately in the clouds, and rather likes it there. I'm a perennial dreamer, who believes that dreams come true and that miracles happen every day. I am a writer of pieces factual and fictional - both poetry and prose, I am also a pianist and a writer of songs too. I am a mother of two gorgeous, glorious earth angels called Alex and Joe, who light up my life in every imaginable way.
A wayfarer and warrior of the light, I often play the fool and clown and try to always see the world as if through the eyes of a child so as to join in with the endless dance of the universe. There is not much that I don't love, apart from cruel people, but I still try (but do not always succeed) to see myself in them.
I especially love music, dancing, books, good people (and people who challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone,) food, fun, nature, adventure, the sea, the mountains, and the angels that dance over everything seen and unseen.
I live for love, first and foremost, and try to let it guide me as much as possible.
Season 1
Starting Date:
August 14, 2008
Intentions & Goals:
My intention is to meet like-minded people who can inspire me, and to whom I might be able to return the favour.

I long to learn about myself and do my part to make the world exactly as I believe it wants to be...full of joy and love, and the more wonderful people I meet along my path, the better.

Basically I long to be the best me I can be, in exactly the way that I was meant to be.

More specifically I aim
1) to have a fulfilling career that pays me well
2) To complete writing one of my books
3) To be calm, focused, confident and honest to myself and others
4)To be organised with my work, personal projects and home
5)To be a wonderful loving mother
6)To have good time-management skills
7)To be a supportive and caring friend, sister, daughter etc
8)To have loving relationships
9)To strive to be the best I can be
Blogging, Journaling, Reading, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Getting coaching, Brainstorming, Take 100% responsability for my life, More

Gemma's Blog

Last night an Angel saved my Life.

Posted on August 6, 2008 at 7:34am 3 Comments

Okay, Blog numero duo. Upon reflection of my last blog, in which I shared how a certain relationship of mine seems to be impacting on my life in various ways, I also am aware that if I'm creating my own reality, while I shouldn't ignore certain feelings I have, I should, perhaps, not feed these emotions anymore. For instance, defining my relationship status as "complicated" perhaps fuels the complexity that I percieve to be as I prepare to commence my 100-day challenge I am hoping… Continue

How many blogs do I have to kiss until I find my prince?

Posted on August 4, 2008 at 3:30am 2 Comments

Okay. So here I am, as my lovely friend Monika suggested that both my writing and me personally would benefit from joining CCOR, and when a person gives me heartfelt advice I always try and follow it (if I think I should). Where, oh where to begin. Life is a little complex at the moment, and I'm in the midst of a very bahdic and transitional stage of my life (another one!). I have a deep love for one who I have been with for two years now, however, our relationship is blighted by struggles. I… Continue

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At 5:26pm on October 27, 2008, Dinah said…

At 12:27pm on October 4, 2008, LisaChristeen said…
Starting up my New Season 6 and I just wanted to say hello and great to meet a fellow co-creator!!!! I would love to be added as your friend!:)

We are Power Manifestors!!!!! Always know that the universe is working in our favor. Always.

Much Love and Many Blessings
Lisa Lightworker
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At 3:35am on August 13, 2008, Feeling Joy Now said…
Hi Gemma. I also joined fairly recently. Welcome! 8:)
At 5:04pm on August 12, 2008, Laura said…
Hi Gemma,
I'm just really careful after learning the same lesson over and over and over and over again!!! I'd rather be alone than unhappy, I'd rather like myself just the way I am than try to be who I'm not, and I'd like my daughter to have better smarts with men than me. If that means I actually stay out of relationships, I figure that's a healthier thing for her (and me!). It's taken me a long time to get the parts of me that I lost, and I'm still looking for some major parts. I finally like who I am (most days). If a guy doesn't figure he doesn't want to (not CAN'T) live without me, that means to me I'm just keeping somebody else's chair warm and I move along. BUT that's my own thing, everyone's definition of "L O V E" is different. I'd say scoop up a book of "He's Just Not That Into You" and have a read.
xo Laura
At 8:40am on August 12, 2008, OpeningLotus said…

Lots Of Love, Opening Lotus Lauren

At 2:19am on August 12, 2008, TaraghB said…
Thanks for your kind comment. I just got back from a holiday and I wrote a new song, this time a proper length, all on my own. Now I need to record it - its all very new an exciting for me. Best wishes. Taragh
At 5:31pm on August 11, 2008, Laura said…
Sorry, Gemma,
Just re-read that, lots of typos in there - that's what I get for trying to make dinner and blog at the same time LOL!!!
At 5:14pm on August 11, 2008, Laura said…
Hi Gemma,
Thanks for leaving the note on my page!
I hate the label "single mother", like it hasn't been going on since Zrog left the cave "to get milk' some smokes" and got eaten by a dinasaur (or more likely, is off with a younger cavechick in Niagara Falls?)
Fortunately, love is what makes great love stories. I like to tel myself that my *soulmate* is on a beach on another plane, looking at his watch wondering why I haven't showed up late and surmising I'm probably shopping.
Sounds like you've got a pretty groovy Upholstery Angel looking out for you!
Multiple Blessings,
At 12:04pm on August 8, 2008, Maya Z. said…
Hey Gemma:)

Welcome to this awesome community:)

Wising you all the best of luck and happy to be here as part of your journey:)

At 8:20am on August 8, 2008, Gemma said…
I too am an analogue girl in a digital world, technology likes to test me, but triumph will shall!!!
Look forward to seeing your video...:)

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