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About Me:
Ok so heres the scoop.
I found 'The Secret' about 2 maybe 3 years ago (As is apparent from my blogs Im pretty confused when it comes to numbers lmao). Time is relative anyway, its way too human of a concept.
Anyway since discovering 'The Secret' (and let me say here that I saw the Esther Hicks version and not the Americanized one) I have found the perfect job. I also met my fiance and we moved into a beautiful home, then recently inherited one which we'll be moving into over the next few months. And we are planning our Fairytale Wedding at Hammond Castle in Gloucester.
Given that all these great things are going on you might ask why Im doing the 100 day challenge. Well I am so happy and grateful for my life that Id like to ensure that I live it for a long healthy time. So that for me means losing about 150-165lbs. So here I am at the beginning of a new journey taking the first few steps into this great adventure.
Season 1
Starting Date:
January 12, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
...change eating habits
...exercise more
...utilize new weight loss tools to the full extent of my potential
...lose 140-150 pounds
...look smokin' hawt in my wedding dress
...complete first video adventure game with smashing sucess happily ever after :)
Vision Board, Journalography (Video Journal), Blogging, Journaling, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations
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Pain in the...

Posted on January 28, 2009 at 2:49pm 1 Comment


Oh my goodness! I can't sleep. I can't workout. I can't sit still. It hurts to move and it hurts not to. Icy Hot is my new best friend.

I don't know what I did but I feel like someone has bend me over and is using my spine as a handle like I'm some exotic new purse! Even my cats seem concerned, they won't leave me alone.

This has put a serious damper on my weight loss, in fact I might be up a few pounds.My guess is it's just water weight because I'm still being conscious of… Continue

Week Two

Posted on January 20, 2009 at 10:28pm 0 Comments

Its Tuesday January 20, 2009 Day 9 of my reality challenge. I am working on getting up a new video for the complete week one. I'm down 4lbs and 12 inches. Not bad. A bit short of my goal for the last week which means I have to work a little harder this week.

I had my second fill today, and this time we used a local to numb the area...TOTALLY different experience...I barely felt it at all....AWESOME! I'm allergic to pain.

I did need a nap today, probably a side effect of staying up too… Continue

Wedding Cake

Posted on January 17, 2009 at 7:35pm 0 Comments

The last two days have been rough. However yesterday was better than today. I only got 3 hours of sleep yesterday so I didnt end up getting in my exercise, however I only consumed 1100 calories and on top of that my calorie counter (the caltrac) told me my net calories even without exercise were still 1200. So not bad at all that means after taking into consideration the food I ate I still burned 1200 calories after my body had consumed the calories from the 1100 calories of food. Way to go… Continue

Recreating my daily schedule...

Posted on December 3, 2008 at 10:35pm 0 Comments

Ok so today I've been doing some reading and evaluating my schedule. Havent come to any serious conclusions about it yet..other than I need to work daily housekeeping into it. I also need to get some of my cookbooks brought up from the basement for a more formal menu plan. Work on the games is progressing...slowly but surely...mostly prep for this weekends green screen trial. My blogs will probably become to do lists and stats pretty boring if anyone is actually reading them, but since Im… Continue

Starting Over

Posted on November 30, 2008 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

Okey dokey,

It has been awhile. Let's see where Im at now...

Well I had my surgery on September 18th. So far Im down about 10 pounds but I havent really been exercising...its something I NEED to get back into. Also preplanning meals.

Im thinking of doing a video journal this time around. A combo of weightloss updates and low fat cooking recipes with my own twist to them.

Im also working on my first video adventure game for the PC. My fiance works in game development and has… Continue

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At 3:58pm on January 16, 2009, MOJO said…
p.s. YOU are totally going to look SMOKIN HOT in that wedding dress! Congratulations! again...big HUGS! xoxo Your new friend, MOJO
At 3:54pm on January 16, 2009, MOJO said…
Hi Jacki. Iam not a Dr. by any means and of course suggest you do your own research before pursuing anything, but I wanted to let you know about a popular health & healing process well known to Hollywood.


and see if it is right for you.
I did this cleanse last year (not for weight reasons but for spiritual awakening reasons - but many people do it for weight loss and have great success.

Also...juicing - using a juicer to get your daily veggies and fruit is a good weight loss. Another Hollywood secret recipe to cutting pounds and keeping them off is the CABBAGE SOUP DIET.

Some doctors prescribe the Cabbage Soup diet to heart patients who must lose weight for heart surgery. One of my girlfriends used it after having her baby and immediately got back down to her size before. I use it about once every two months...but I don't do the soup way...I just use the ingredients and juice them and drink them for a really healthy veggie drink.

I just juice:
1/4 of head of Purple Cabbage
Handful of baby carrots
1 Tomato
2 Stalks of Celery
1/2 Bell Pepper
3 Green Onions
sometimes I add a little piece of ginger

anyhow just wanted to share some easy/healthy secrets.
if you don't have a juicer, just eat those veggies...but much easier for me to just drink em' and be done with it. lol.
The Jack LeLane juicer is very affordable & I highly recommend it (its the one i have.) The other secret trick is just exercising your body a little each day. I love walking to my local post office, library, bank, grocery once in a while just to get a little workout. Or even window shopping at my favorite mall ;-)

Big hugs and motivation for achieving ALL of your goals and dreams...but I'm somewhat of a health nut so I thought I would share what I know ;-) Keep in touch! xoxo MOJO
At 8:01pm on May 26, 2008, Joni said…
So your big rebirth day is in July? I'll give you a "Babe Shower" LOL!!!!!!!!

You are one heck of a friend if you are watching those kids as a favor! That is NOT easy! Wow, your halo is blinding me! What a doll you are. Karma is going to come at you so fast it will knock your socks off! LOL!
You are such a love-bunny!!!!!!!! Everyone should have a friend like you!

At 10:08pm on May 25, 2008, Joni said…
Hey cutie! So do you watch kids in your home? I used to do that years ago and couldn't do it. I had to give it up after a year.

Your day is coming up! You are really focused and doing what needs to be done. When do you think you'll get it done?

At 11:26am on May 12, 2008, Joni said…
Oh I LOVE your tatoo! "See Want Take". That is the exact prescription for Manifesting! How cool!!! Who rocks??!!

Sounds like you are doing a lot to help your body heal! I'm sure you'll be bouncing back in great health in no time! I sometimes think that being sick is time that our bodie's gather information it needs for the next part of the journey, like a forced meditation. It makes us slow down and listen to our bodies, what we put into it energetically, how we treat it. It sounds like you are treating it well. I hope today brings you much relief!!
At 10:50pm on May 11, 2008, Joni said…
Hey, girl......what is your tattoo?
At 12:12am on May 9, 2008, TaraGirl said…
You're the best Jacki!!!!!! See you tomorrow!
At 6:05pm on April 29, 2008, Joni said…
"day negative one"..........LOL!!!!!!!! You are so funny with your counting! What I did was label the weeks on my calendar to help keep track. Each Sunday I would put " Day 7", "day 14", "Day 21", etc, so I could count from there! Yeah, I was sitting right behind you in math class, apparently! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with all your manifestations! I KNOW you'll do GREAT!!!!!!
At 10:08pm on April 26, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 1:15pm on April 25, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…

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