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About Me:
Hi everyone! My name is Jessi. I'm happily married and we have three wonderful children. The oldest is my step-son. I'm a stay at home mom. I enjoy being crafty and creating works of art and jewelry. I also enjoy photography and sewing.
Season 3
Starting Date:
January 15, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
- I will save enough money to take my family on a real family vacation this summer!
- I will spend more time w/my friends!
- I will go out on more dates with my husband!
- I will continue to spend lots of quality time with my children!
- I will continue to ENJOY my job!
- Our computer/camera are completely paid off!
- Practice yoga and meditation 3 days a week
- Teach myself to play the guitar
- We can easily afford the payments on our new vehicle.
- I will rid my house of all the stuff I don't need or want!
- My family and I continue to be healthy and happy!
- My online ventures will continue to grow and be successful!
- I will post to my blogs at least 3 times a week and will attract more viewers
- Our money is abundant!!
- I will start selling my crafts in a real store!
- I will feed my family more healthful foods.
- I will buy more organic foods.
Vision Board, Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Take 100% responsibility for my life
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Jessi's Blog

Season 3 Day 1

Posted on January 16, 2009 at 12:01am 0 Comments

Last season I was saving up to buy a new vehicle. My goal was to save $1000 by January and I totally did it! I did it by getting a new job (I was a SAHM for 3 years) and opening up a separate bank account from the one we pay our bills with. Basically everyone penny I made was put into that account and not looked at. When we had the money saved we started looking for the vehicle we wanted. We also applied for a car loan. We were turned down by our bank but we didn't lose hope. We applied with… Continue

In between seasons

Posted on January 11, 2009 at 2:24am 0 Comments

Well technically I finished my second season. I didn't put as much effort into this season as I did the first. I would like to get back into the swing of things for my third season. Here is my list of goals for the second season.

Save $1000 by January to put towards a new vehicle - Done!!

- Spend more time w/my friends - This didn't really work out as much as I wanted.

- Go out on more dates with my husband - Same as above although we do spend a lot of time together at… Continue

Day 11 Season 2

Posted on October 11, 2008 at 11:33am 0 Comments

Hi everyone! Things are starting to go a lot better now. If you read the previous posts you'll see I was having some issues.. My sister is doing well and is getting the help she needs now. I opened up a new bank account so I can save my money easier. I have a goal to save $1000 by january. If I keep the money in my normal bank I'll just end up spending it. I'm about a quarter of the way to the goal. YaY!

Oh and I'm an auntie again. My brother and his wife just had their first child. A… Continue

Day 3 season 2

Posted on October 3, 2008 at 10:15am 1 Comment

Today is the third day of season two but I haven't started off too well. The last couple of days have been pretty stressful but today I'm going to turn it all around. I'm having some issues with my sister that I blogged about a few days ago. My washing machine decided to stop working and we thought we found out what the problem was but that wasn't it. Maybe if I'm positive enough I'll win a new one. My son hit his chin on the play ground and knocked a tooth up into his gums, so now he'll be… Continue

Funny how much life changes in a day.

Posted on September 30, 2008 at 4:35pm 5 Comments

For a couple of years now my sister has been addicted to prescription drugs. She's been in and out of rehab and I've tried to help her but I don't think she can be helped until she wants too. Anywho.. She got busted doing illegal things and will most likely be going to jail. She has a 5 month old daughter. I asked my husband what he thinks we should do as far as taking the baby. He says he doesn't want the baby to go to the state, but it was up to me whether we take her or not. I honestly don't… Continue

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At 12:50pm on February 14, 2009, Amy said…
Happy Love Day!
At 12:20pm on January 21, 2009, Lydie said…

love your page!
At 10:31am on January 17, 2009, deb said…
When I saw the special event, Beyond the Secret, Thursday night, it was pointed out by Les Brown that what we do in our first 20 minutes of the day sets the tone of our day. So, I'm visiting my friends here at cocreating and reading the wonderful affirmations and intentions you have written. I'm sending love and light to you.
At 8:21am on October 4, 2008, Kristy Robinett said…
Never ask how, just enjoy when it comes...and it will!
At 6:38am on October 3, 2008, firstlove said…
Just letting my friends know...

At 4:46pm on September 27, 2008, Princess said…
hi flower
At 2:33pm on September 26, 2008, deb said…
Thanks for the invitation to friendship, Jess. It's nice to meet you! I hope you have a great weekend. Take care.
At 8:53am on September 26, 2008, Malena said…
Hi Jess, nice to meet you! I just visited your etsy shop - love your eco-chic recycled magazine wall hanging - a really great idea! I wish you lots of creativity and inspiration during "our" new season!
Sunny Greetings from Germany, Malena!
At 3:55pm on September 25, 2008, Alex Roldán said…
Hi, Nice to meet . Today is my 99Day Perfect ready for my season # 2
At 3:30pm on September 25, 2008, Johanne Gagnon said…
Nice To meet you
i am very happy to be part of the group ...
my challenge is big but i know that it 's going to happen ,as a in fact i have been with fuel legacy for 1 week and i manifested 15 new person in my organisation ...
it's growing at the speed of light and i know that my dream of financial freedom is manifesting..
to our succes

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