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Getting discouraged :/

Posted on May 26, 2008 at 10:00pm 1 Comment

Hey guys.

May 26th here. A month and 8 days now.

I am feeling extremely discouraged though.

I'm looking back and I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere.

Like usually I'm extremely optimistic..but I don't see anything changing around me, at all.

As if i actually can't apply this conscious reality-creating-thing, maybe I was just raised to be so doubtful of life coming easy that down to my every thoughts I can't just accept to be capable of doing… Continue

Hullo guys!

Posted on May 19, 2008 at 8:00pm 1 Comment's been a month and a day.

I don't know if I drastically improved yet. xD

But We'll see we'll see.

I did get my skullcandy earphones though.

I saw them in a store on sale today..and got 'em?

I'm not sure if that counts as manifesting.

But they went on sale? :D

My jaw is fully healed.

Woot woot. :]

That is all.


Omigod Omigod.

I forgot the most exciting news.

I… Continue

Ohmigod, I manifested something!!

Posted on May 16, 2008 at 9:02pm 2 Comments

May 16.

I lost count of days, oops.

My jaw is much better.

I ate solid food, WOOT WOOT!

But but but.

I manifested something with out knowing..

So a very long time ago.. I was drawing in second cup.

And I ended up drawing these amazing heels on to my picture.

And I was like 'Wow I'd love to have heels like these."

And completely forgot about it.

Fast forward a long time.

My mom comes back from… Continue

Ohno, I'm sick.

Posted on May 14, 2008 at 11:04pm 1 Comment

Hello hello. :]


Good news! I wrote my exam today. I didn't get to finish all my multiple choice..but I think I did well. :o

And I think my class-singing-thing went over relatively well, I kept on cracking on this one note but people told me I sounded pretty, yay.

On the downside of it all.

My jaw decided to stop working.

It's beautiful really, I can't open my mouth (brushing my teeth is difficult) and have been living on yougurt and… Continue

Intentions for the week. :]

Posted on May 11, 2008 at 9:10pm 2 Comments

Hello hello. :]

Well I performed wonderfully on that's one of my goals striked out. :]

But I have several things I have to reach for this week:

- I am singing for class tomorrow... I plan to do really well. :]

- I have an english exam on wensday, and I plan on getting a 4 on it

That is all.

Wish me luck, I'll tell you how it goes.


I feel like I am not manifesting anything that I try… Continue

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At 11:51am on May 25, 2008, monstersounddj said…
i manifested a whole packof feathers a day after i seen ur profile and read u wanted to manifest a feather.good thing u are well now. also can we get more pics from u? keep manifesting!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:53am on May 12, 2008, Joni said…
Good morning, sweetie!

If you want a good report card, imagine that report card is in your hands, has A's all over it. Feel that initial shock, the chill of the surprise running down your spine, the elation bursting in your head, joy filling your body! You want to jump up and down and scream with delight! You feel light and happy and can't wait to call your best friend/mother/journal on CCOR and share this fabulous news! You feel joyful, completely stress-free and empowered!!!!

REALLY get into this mode! Feel it, live it, be it!

Next: move the energy. Begin the momentum by taking the next best step. What would that be? What can you do today to make that dream come true? Study for the final, and you find it SOOOOOOOOOO easy, everyhing comes together for you? Talk to your professor, explain you've busted your butt on this and ask for a good grade? Dispute a grade that was already given (my college aged daughter does this and it works).

I've taught my kids this sentence and it REALLY applies to us Manifestors: "Ask! 98% of the time you get what you want!" Its TRUE! Try it!!

At 7:33pm on April 22, 2008, LisaChristeen said…
Welcome to the challenge!!! This is the first step to changing your life through the Law of Attraction. After 4 seasons, I can say it works with confidence!:)

Remember, Ask, Believe, and Receive. Expect miracles!
At 5:53am on April 19, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…

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