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Hello all! Well I am 20 years old, and I live in Missouri. During my free time I love to play/ teach music. Mostly I play guitar and bass guitar but I do dabble in piano as well. To me music is one of the purest forms of creative expression. Another real passion is my business. I am a professional development consultant, I basically counsel with people for free to find out what they are looking to accomplish and place them in a position to accomplish that. Generally I focus on finances, but I also brach out into health and fitness. The system I use is basically designed so that I ONLY make money from helping you succeed, pretty cool right? Anyways I look forward to giving all that I can here.
I wish you all peace,
Season 2
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Days 5-7:the next ten years in the economy

Posted on July 28, 2008 at 8:33pm 0 Comments

Hi every one,

So as I stated in a previous post I got to meet up with my mentor on Saturday. He's about fifty and has been retired for seven years. The best part is that financially he didn’t have to on any level spend his own money to fly out here but he did, only because he has a desire to build up people. He was in town basically to talk about the next ten years in the economy, and what options we have. His background is in finance and he has been following the work of a brilliant… Continue

days 3 and 4-

Posted on July 25, 2008 at 10:46pm 0 Comments

Hello everyone,

So yesterday I attended a business networking event called chocolate and blues, I met many people and got a lot of chocolate, for free no less. I am excited because tomorrow I will get to meet up with a mentor of mine, who I talk to on a regular basis but because he lives in Colorado and I live in Missouri we don’t meet up face to face that much. He was on wall street for twenty years and worked as the vice president for leaman brothers. I've learned a lot from him, most… Continue

S2 Day 2 recap Ego and get thin to win

Posted on July 23, 2008 at 11:29am 1 Comment

Hello everyone, I wanted to wrap up some of my insights from day 2. I just watched a movie called revolver and it really reminded me of something important. That is that all day we are bombarded with thoughts , ideas, beliefs, feelings, and emotions, which is filtered and presented by our ego. We tend to accept without question all the things that we receive from our ego believing that the ego "IS ME". Upon reflection you can realize that many of the things you tell yourself as you fight for… Continue

Day 1 Season two

Posted on July 21, 2008 at 9:06pm 0 Comments

Hello everyone. Today I am starting my second season of the 100 day challenge. There is definitely plenty of new things I have been introduced since the end of my first challenge but I wanted to use this time to talk about what will really be guiding my 100 days that will follow. Two books I have read since the end of my first challenge are success is not an accident and the slight edge. There is a lot of information in both but I would suggest reading them if you haven’t. The slight edge… Continue

Pre-1st day: season two

Posted on July 11, 2008 at 11:04pm 0 Comments

Hello everyone,

So tonight I thought I would put it out there that I am starting my second season. A new or revised part of my regimen is basically a modular approach to growing every area of your life, strongly based on ideas of ken wilber. Basically you select areas of your life that you want to grow in, there are four I guess you could call the "essential" modules--body, mind, spirit, and shadow. In case anyone didn’t know shadow is the term used to refer to repressed parts of self that… Continue

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At 9:33am on August 12, 2008, OpeningLotus said…

Lots Of Love, Opening Lotus Lauren

At 4:51pm on August 9, 2008, OpeningLotus said…
Thank you for your lovely blog comment! :)
I love the piccys of your kitty!!
Is she/he a russian blue? I've been thinking about getting one :)
Heres a piccy of my kitten

Shes a little monster!
Love&Luck xoxooxo
At 8:12am on August 9, 2008, peggy said…
I'm in Kansas City....I love it here. I've enjoyed reading your blogs....You have a great story so far. It seems as if this is totally the beginning to your amazing journey called 'life'. Take care
At 10:01pm on June 4, 2008, Maya Z. said…
Thanks for your comments Ken,

You totally sound like you are out doing amazing things yourself.

For your question is that I work with a bunch of people online creating Visual Effects for game trailers and other project,

Really love working from home and creating that I will do this for a long time and be extremely profitable from it:)

Wishing you a great day,

At 12:51pm on May 31, 2008, Dayana said…
Hey Ken, oh i love moonlight sonata as well it' like music from another world. I saw the video of Satriani, i must say it's not my kind of music but i can tell he's a great guitarrist!

Well i'm gonna suggest one that you may not have listen to before, it's Danzon nº2 by Arturo Marquez, he is a mexican composer but this particular piece is inspired in cuban music. Here is the link:

That' the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra from my country, hope you like it!

You can also see this:

It's second movement of Shostakovich Symphony nº10, the same orchestra :)
At 3:04pm on May 26, 2008, Joni said…
Dear Ken:

I want to let you know that I was so touched by your sweet and generous offer of support that I brought you into my prayer circle last night and sent you some love and light right back atcha! Hope you felt the love!

At 12:34am on May 26, 2008, Joni said…
WOW! I just got your letter. THANK YOU KEN!!!!!!

First of all, BIG congratulations on completing your first 100 Days. That is an enormous accomplishment, one that heals you, us and the entire world!

As far as what you can do for me. How about this: say a prayer just for me. Just give my Intentions for body balance, love and an easy career path some extra zing by focusing for 60 seconds on these intentions for me. That would be WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

What a generous and sweet thing to do. What kindness! I am SO grateful! Thank you, sweet man!

At 11:54am on May 23, 2008, Jo-Jo said…
hey ken, the pleasure is mine!! thanks for the request and awell as the kind words yes. I needed them!!!! I really appreciate the incouragement!!! Meditation rules!
At 9:46am on May 20, 2008, Dayana said…
Hi Ken, thanks so much for responding. I don't know that movie i just pick up the music i liked and put it on my page!

I've been meditating this days taking advantage of the weekend. I now feel i really need to make a space in my everyday life for it because i love the feeling of peace i get after i do it. I would love to do it all the time!! i think this will get me to change my lifestyle and i'm enjoying this idea.

How cool that you're a musician too! you seem to be involved in a lot of things! I'm mostly a classical musician as a double bass player, what kind of music do you play?

Sending you love and blessings!
At 1:07am on April 12, 2008, Connie E said…
Thank you for your visit and adding me as a friend. I am looking forward to the journey!

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