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43 year old wife, mom, friend, realtor, spiritual & joy seeker. Avid reader, love to knit scarves and paint ceramics. Enjoying hanging out in bookstores and drinking good coffee...alone or with friends. Adore my children and love being involved in their lives.
Season 1
Starting Date:
October 1, 2008
Intentions & Goals:
To reignite my love, passion and belief in the Law of Attraction. To get out of anger and frustration and back into love and allowing. To have be at peace with where I am. I'd also like to save $10,000 just for fun and become passionate about saving. In order to accomplish this, I would like to attract a lot of real estate transactions with fun, loving clients that need my help and respect my advice. I want a ton of referrals to show up! I want to attract and find great sales on items I want and need and I will commit to saving the difference between the regular price and what I paid. I would also love to have juicy cashable checks start showing up in my mailbox again. I want the inspiration needed to go back to school, even if it's only one class at a time, and receive my degree. Ooh...keep thinking of more. I also would like to attract the perfect buyers for Misty Hill and Autumnwood and get them both closed by November 30, 2008.

New intention: 10/16/08 - Direction. I want direction. Where is my passion? Where can I feel useful and intentional? My intention, therefore, is to FEEL useful, passionate and not worry so much about the money.
Vision Board, Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Masterminding, Take 100% responsibility for my life
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I've been too focused on ME! Suggestions for shifting?

Posted on October 22, 2008 at 5:47pm 3 Comments

I have no idea what day I'm on anymore...I think #11. I get to it when I can and don't beat myself up. Woo hoo! It's all perfect. And hey...welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I love you for giving me a few minutes of your time.

So today I pulled out an old CD program of mine on the mental side of selling by one of my favorite speakers, Matthew Ferry. Quite frankly this program topic spans more than just's a fabulous way of BEing in all kinds of everyday… Continue

My day 8 - Reaching out to others

Posted on October 14, 2008 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

I've skipped several days since starting on October 1st, but I'm not beating myself up about it. I work on my Challenge when it works. No sense getting frustrated or angry...that all sort of defeats the purpose of growth, intentions, accepting myself, etc. I go on Day 8.

I had lunch with someone today - I've never spent any amount of time with her one-on-one, but she invited me so I went. She is someone I used to go to church with, I've been to a Pampered Chef party,… Continue

My Day 6-Keeping track of wealth

Posted on October 7, 2008 at 4:52pm 1 Comment

Okay, old business first: relating to the last several days of anger and frustration...I had a nice big discussion with hubby last night and shed a few tears from frustration. least now it's done and we can move on.

New business: Today, in keeping in line with my desire to create $10,000, I decided to create a sheet to keep track of all monies I find or receive, big or small. I have titled it "100 Days of Wealth Accumulation (Master Goal = $10,000)." It not only contains the… Continue

Day 5

Posted on October 6, 2008 at 7:37pm 3 Comments

Okay, so really it should be Day 6, but I did NOTHING on Sunday so today is my Day 5. Yesterday I was too busy avoiding my husband and trying to stay busy so I don't chop his head off. Yes, I'm still working with my frustration and I'm not too proud to admit it. :)

Ironically, I had an urge to log into the Daily Motivator, by Ralph Marston, and today's message was this:

Don't make life's difficulties even more difficult by filling your mind with resentment. Instead,… Continue

Day 4 - after a non-existent Day 3

Posted on October 4, 2008 at 10:53pm 0 Comments

So let me ask this question.....if a day comes and goes and I haven't even OPENED my book, or this website, blogged, journaled, get the I have to count that day? In other words, my Day 3 yesterday simply didn't happen. In other words, do the days have to actually happen consecutively? Ha ha...just writing this question points out how anal I can be. :)

I worked in my journal today, writing mostly about how angry I am at my husband. Wondering if the "for better or… Continue

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At 5:24am on December 26, 2008, Hope said…
Hi Kim, yes I'm doing the 100 day Challenge, but Christmas has wiped a couple of days for me. Not sure if I'm supposed to start again... ah well I think I will continue.
I am enjoying the positive focus and the daily time I spend thinking about what is important to me.
What is your favourite thing about this process?
At 2:20am on December 23, 2008, Hope said…
Hi Kim, I'm new here. I don't know anyone yet, so I searched for other people who are 43... gotta start somewhere! lol
All the best
At 12:12pm on October 26, 2008, Dinah said…

At 12:00pm on October 24, 2008, Lydie said…
Kim.. I just wanna reach inside this monitor and give you one BIG hug! LOL You are my angel today! Thanks for the comment !! It was so sweet! Made me laugh. See .. you spreading love around like this takes the focus of YOU. I am sure that you being the wife and mother etc.. trust me I am convinced that you share so much of YOU all day everyday ... that you really need to do the ME thing. But it's all about balance. Love the idea about the book of gratitude! Go for it! Thanks again for blessing my spot. Much love sunshine!!!
At 11:31pm on October 13, 2008, Elizabeth said…
Thank you for the advice, it's always helpful to take a positive approach.
At 11:01pm on October 9, 2008, Johnna said…
I want to thank you for those words I don't have a mother. I felt like you have the motherly wisdom, you changed my way of thinking. I am going to print out what you wrote and save so anytime I forget how fabolous I am. Thanks again please KIT I need positive influences
At 12:46pm on October 2, 2008, Darae said…
Hi Kim,
Cool about the Wicked tickets. That is just the sort of things that come rolling our way that we must realize is a result of our creating our best lives!
My friend and I saw Wicked in NYC and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I too am new to the site and have just started season 1. Here's to a fabulous next 100 days =)
Cheers, Darae
At 11:41am on October 2, 2008, LisaChristeen said…
Starting up my New Season 6 and I just wanted to say hello and great to meet a fellow co-creator!!!!

We are Power Manifestors!!!!! Always know that the universe is working in our favor. Always.

Much Love and Many Blessings
Lisa Lightworker
At 11:45pm on October 1, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 4:59pm on September 30, 2008, Dusty said…
Hello, Kim.
Congratulations on the manifestation of your Wicked Tickets for half price.This is only the beginning! All the best with your other goals. It is great to have you here.

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